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It depends... In some cases Class A equipment runs pretty hot and the capacitors should cool down once in a while. But the Conductor isn't that hot so it's ok to leave it on all the time. Burson confirmed this to me.
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I leave my Burson on for a period of three day's and nights. Then let it rest until it cools back down. We began to leave it on all the time because of past driver issue's but these should have been fixed by now. I run a ceiling fan constantly and the enclosure is only slightly warm to the touch. I believe everything needs to rest occasionally and once I even smelled an odor of hot electronics. So maybe use the touch method as it should not be hot but rather warm. Maybe it's placebo but when hot the bass seemed to sound off or more wooly to me.


All this being said I agree with the above posters that it does not hurt to leave it on all the time.


Just my two cents.

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I do turn my Conductor off once in a while, mainly when I'm not going to be around for a while or I'm leaving for vacation, etc. That's probably the old safety engineer in me just wanting to be extra careful! However, I've never heard any difference in temp or SQ if the amp has been on a long time. 


My biggest issue these days is that I now use a Bakoon HPA-21 as my HP amplifier, and it runs on batteries that only charge when you turn it off. It's an awesome amp, and per my earlier posts beats the amp section in the Conductor, but it has taken a while to get used to turning it off versus leaving the Burson on all the time. 



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its been working for a week and no problem for me. Then I closed it for a day and same again. Works well!

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Got a USB OTG adapter cable for my Tab S 10.5 the other day and thought I would see if it worked with the Conductor (with Tenor) and to my surprise it worked first go. No setup is required at all, just plug it straight into the USB on the Conductor and it works with any app (on KitKat 4.4.2). I have been playing FLACS and they sound the same as they did from on my desktop PC.

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Can someone post pictures of the markings on the USB cable that was supplied with their Burson amp? Want to see who makes it for Burson.


Thank you.  


PS. If you want to sell your original Burson USB cable, I want to buy it. 

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