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On a Mac, the C-Media board doesn't need third party drivers. The 'Speaker' moniker on your audio output settings is the Conductor - as you discovered :-)


I'm using Audirvana's Izotope upsampling. Most settings I found made little or no difference that I could hear. But found these settings on Computer Audiophile to make a marked improvement.

What upsampling settings are people using?
It seems to be rather system dependent, but I'd like to experiment.


I've been really digging DSD files being down sampled into PCM through A+. So wonder just how amazing they might be with a DSD DAC.

I would love to see Burson make a DAC board that could play both PCM and DSD. That is, a board that could be swapped into the Conductor (like the Burr Brown board).

Given their loathing of ICs, how about a R2R ladder DAC? :-)