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So its seems the conductor pair well with most of the top cans
With audeze for sure. I'm a lucky owner
Maybe next week I'll bring to my dealer to have a demo to hd800
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Originally Posted by Gvnlr View Post

It's a wonderful pair with HE-500 imo. It can drive HE-500 with no problem

+1... although I'm not sure that the HE-500 need something of Conductor's calibre to sound great. I've heard many HE-500 users say that they sound excellent out of much cheaper equipment.
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I really think Conductor is one of the gears that pairs well with most headphones out there. This is one of its strong points.
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If at the beginning was a bit bright, quite harsh, now it's very neutral
Perfect match with audeze
how I heard but from other amp, hd800 should sound good as well
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I just sprang the $14.99 for a set of the IsoNode feet for my Conductor.


Of course they recommended all of their product's but suggested the Little Rock 6.1s on top of the Conductor as the next best

option. I wonder why a bag of sand would not work just as well but......




I don't think I've ever seen so many positive review's before.

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I don't believe in isonode!
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Originally Posted by montanari View Post


I don't believe in isonode!

I believe I feel ill after listening to that song.:eek: 


I guess maybe I buy into what reviewer's say too much. I'll find out.

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Now contemplating upgraded headphone cables.  Anyone have opinions on brand, copper-vs-silver, etc.?

Copper should provide more bass slam and tames the sparkly treble and silver should provide more detail and air and tightens up the bass as far as I've heard. I see that a lot of people use silver cables with the Audeze LCD-X and they seem to like it a lot even though the LCD-X are considered a little bright.


Some popular cable brands are Moon-Audio, Toxic Cables, Norne Audio, & Double Helix Cables


Congrats on your new Burson Conductor! I too have the same setup and it's about a week old now!


Hope this helps! :D 

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Thank you very much for the reply. Your comments were consistent with what I've read from others. I tend to favor air and detail over richness and body but I know that Drew at Moon Audio recommended their Black a Dragon cables which are copper.

Looking for some pre-owned cables to start to get my feet wet before jumping in and buying something more serious.

Thank you again.

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a friend bought a cable from ForzaAudio for his lcdX

and he s very happy..now we don  know if is only copper or hybrid!

anyway the soundstage has been become bigger and the the detail is increased with a slight faster bass rensponse

(sorry for the English!)

I got a pure solid copper proaudio cable (Van Damme starquad I guess) pretty cheap, but a step above the stock one

I will receive a silver widow next week, and if you can wait I will write here the differences, if there are somes..

jriver19+conceroHD usb/spdif+conductor+Audeze lcd2.2



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Thanks for the cord information.  Lot's of good choices and suggestions, just wish I could test them out ahead of time prior to purchasing.  I suppose that's the fun of Head-fi, if you reached the end-game day one what would you have to look forward to and where would I toil away countless hours perusing all of the posts here.



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Hey guys, anyone ever compared the Conductor to a balanced amp like say Schiit Mjolnir? Is there any real difference between the SE that the Conductor has and possibly going balanced?
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Montanari was correct. The IsoNodes did not work out. The Conductor has solid knobs underneath from which protrude black cone's that look almost exactly like the IsoNodes.


Removing one of the knobs revealed only a small screw was holding it on. I made a slight attempt at prying out the black cone but figured it was not worth the trouble. It was only luck that I got the knob screwed back on without the screw falling inside. 


I will keep the IsoNodes and try them on something else but I don't recommend them for the Conductor.





Edit:  After trying them under a cd player I am convinced they do work. I would not remove the knobs underneath the Burson but...


It might be worth a try to stick the flat side to a quarter (or stack) and position them underneath the Burson.


I will post my future findings for the Burson - (IsoRock 6.1S) - later in this same thread.

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Do you guys leave your Conductors on 24 hours a day? The manual says you need to let it warm up for a while for it to sound good, so it seems like you should never turn it off.

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