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Hi guys, I'm relatively new to the forum, just recently purchased a set of Sennheiser HD598. Due to the fact that my sole purpose is to use them for my computer, I'm recently trying to find simple enough solutions to mod my own mic onto the headphones. So I've purchased a set of turtle beach XC1 xbox headphones that comes with a mic and my original idea was to strip it apart and take out the core mic components, and since this has a mute button in line, it is perfect for my mod.


The only problem I have now however, is i've accidentally cut into the cable itself, and unable to figure out how to reconnect the cable back together due to my lack of knowledge in what is going on here. So I'm asking you guys to point me in the right direction as to what I should do here. I've attached a picture below as you can see. There are three cords coming from the in line controls: a red, blue, copper twisted white cable. and the other end of it that's actually connected to the mic as you can see is white and copper. Now I have zero idea why the white and the copper is separate closer to the mic part, when it is twisted together need the actual cable area. I basically need this cable back in working condition so I can use the mic and the mute function on the cord. 


So what should I do here guys? I'm thinking of purchasing tools for soldering and mend the cords back together, all I need to know is how i should be connecting these back together with just the broken in line control cord into the mic cord area. Thanks in advance :D


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