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Beyerdynamic T5p vs Ultrasone Edition 8

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I am currently debating between the Ultrasone Edition 8 or the Beyerdynamic T5p...which one overall has better sound quality coming off of an iPod or MacBook Pro?

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Or the Signature Pro's from Ultrasone.

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I don't think you'll be getting the 'best' out of any of the headphones by using an iPod / MacBook Pro.


I've listened to the T5p - it's the sort of sound I like, but probably not for everyone. It's a portable T1.

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I have both, no way to really advise you which is best, they're both very good but with different sound signatures and presentation. I prefer the T5p (so far, only had my ED8s a few weeks), but I'm a long way off finally making my mind up about which I prefer. It will depend a lot on which genres you listen to, what aspects of the sound you place the highest value on (soundstage, imaging, resolution, presentation, PRaT etc). People will be better able to advise you about which might suit you best if we had more information on your listening habits and needs, what other headphones you have/have had and what you liked about them.

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I listen to little to no live music, so I'm not really concerned about soundstage. I would be using them for mainly at home use but also would like them accessible for plane rides or car rides where I'm not driving. I listen to almost all Alternative music, but occasionally I like Rap and Electronic. I do like bass on my headphones, but no so much as that it is overpowering or distorting.

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Sound stage is not unique to live music:) Sound stage is an expression of the headphone's ability to separate aspects of the music and present it back to you in the most accurate manner. When a band records an album it's not done with one microphone....it's done with several microphones, instruments, etc. A good sound stage will help you hear each item as it was meant to be heard.

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Actually, the new retina macbook pro can drive all my IEMs relatively well. It's much better than macbook pro 13, macbook air, ipad, iphone, ipod classic and other laptops I've owned like the Thinkpad W520, Thinkpad X220. It actually has some sort of mid-bass bump which made my JH13 and ES5 sounds warmer and more engaging than even on my 1400 dollars portable rig. However, it doesn't drive big cans that well, such as my Edition 8 and W5000. You will need an amp to drive the ED8 to its full potential.

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Overall I prefer Edition 8 over T5P; however, for the classical T5P might be a better choice. Actually I noticed that I listen less to the classical and more to poor/ rock now when I mainly use Edition 8. My T5P needs its cable replaced, - I have not been in a hurry to do it since I prefer Edition 8, still I feel growing urge to address the issue as I am missing T5P and my classical music recordings.

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