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Hello everyone.


i need some help choosing a new pair of in ear headphones.


ill start by saying that i am using S4i for more than a year and i have to admit the Bass on these is amazing but they do lack clarity in the high's


I also have Phonak Audeo 132 and they sound really nice and clear but they just dont have enough bass that i would like to hear.


I recently saw Klipsch announcing X7i's and was wondering if anyone knows how would they sound in terms of Bass?

i am sure they would be a lot clearer than S4i but every clearer headphone i hear has less bass and more clarity.


I tried Sony XBA 3ip today and they sound pretty good but i did not like the bass, i think its not very tight and deep but rather boomy and open.

i put on my S4i after XBA 3ip and noticed a massive difference in Bass, very tight and pretty controller as i go higher in volume, S4i's definetly have more Bass but obviously not the clarity that Sony has at in their highs or my Phonak 132's.


Can some one please suggest me some headphones that have similar signature to S4i's but offer more clarity and same amount or more bass?


i am using iPhone 4


Money is not the biggest issue, for a good pair of  headphones i will pay around $300 as long as they make me happy like my Klipsch S4i's did for last  couple years.


Also to note, i did try Klipsch x10i but it must have been a faulty pair as they barely made any sound and no matter how much volume i kept adding t hey sound very dull i was told by shop i bought them from to burn them in but from researching further they don't need to be burned in.

I am not sure if my iPhone was not a good source to power them  properly but i straight away returned them.
They did not sound anything like I have rad them to be such as having nice deep bass and really nice clarity.

Thanks a lot