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I'm not sure what thread to post this under, but this one looked right, so excuse me if this is the wrong place for this. 


Alright, today I found an old Roland Juno-2 synthesizer in my shed. I have no idea about anything regarding this. I've just got a few questions about it, figured somebody here would know some answers for me or something. What exactly can I do with this? How do I use it? Like what all would I need. Right now I can't do anything since I don't have the power cable. Do I need to get a MIDI to USB cable and use my computer with it? I'm completely lost on all of this. Also, if anyone knows of a good guide or something that would teach me how to get started with this, that would be great. I'm not sure what I really want to do with this, I figured I'd make up my mind on that once I know everything about it. If I end up wanting to sell it, where should I go to do that? A music shop or what? And what price would one of these go for? I think it's in pretty good condition. The case it was in got hot so the foam kinda got all messed up and some of it got stuck to the synth, but I was able to get nearly all of it off. There's just a little but stuck on the top but I might be able to get it off.