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Looking for very good audiophile CLOSED "non leaking" headphone

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One question gentlemen:  Besides my "open headphone", I need to buy a closed headphone, just because sometimes I can not afford to have sound leaking to (or from) outside.  


So.. I am looking for a very-high-quality Audiophile headphone with large soundstage and musicality close to an open headphone (LCD-2, Stax, HD800...) that DO NOT LEAK sound.


I  found that some headphone called "closed"; like the very good DENNON D7000 or Exotic Fostex TH900 in fact are semi-open and leak a LOT.angry_face.gif


So... what "non leaking" headphone can you recommend for me ( I listen classical, rock, blues, variety, pIANO.... anything NOT too hard or heavy bass).  Price in not really an issue this time wink_face.gif


thanks in advance.

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The only closed cans I have used that are really closed are DT770.  They isolate much better than my semi-open D2000, but as a result the soundstage is much smaller.  I am not sure that there are any high-end headphones that are totally closed.  I think most of Audio Technica's closed headphones are also semi-open.  However, if I am wrong you could look at ATH-W3000ANV or ATH-W5000. 


You also might check out Beyerdynamic's higher-end closed headphones.  Since the DT770 premium that I had was pretty well sealed, I would assume that their higher end closed headphones build on that design, but I could be wrong. 


Or if price really isn't a problem you could check out Sony R10 (they have a bass-light and a bass-heavy version), once again I am not sure if these are semi-open, but they are probably the best closed headphones you can buy.  These are no longer made, so you would have to buy used.  They are still not cheap.


I only have experience with DT770 and D2000.  Everything else is from lots of reading around here.  Hopefully someone else will chime in with better and more accurate info for you.

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There's the final audio design muramasa for expensive closed can, no idea how it sounds, just know it costs a lot. Expensive closed cans, there's ultrasone, I again have no experience with that. How about modded fostex t50rp? I have a stock t50rp and will not recommend it to anyone. It sounds weird and another headfier described it as "wonky", I don't have a better word for it. However I'm looking forward to have it modded when I have more cash smily_headphones1.gif
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Check out the Ultrasone Signature Pro. A fantastic closed headphone that leaks very little in and out. 

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I'd recommend you to demo the Signature Pro's if you need isolation & minimal leak but decent SQ.
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Price not an issue, light on bass. Go find a Sony R10 bass light version, or for something with a reasonable price maybe some modded beyers from headphile.

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Originally Posted by vCyge View Post

Price not an issue, light on bass. Go find a Sony R10 bass light version, or for something with a reasonable price maybe some modded beyers from headphile.


The above post is referring to these:




I totally forgot about Darth Beyers / Terminators. They are probably worth a look, but I have heard they are pretty bass heavy.

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Light, comfortable with good isolation/leakage control and good sounding at a good price == Fostex T50RP Mad Dogs (mrspeakers.com) or LFFs Paradoxes (I still haven't bought them! Hopefully will soon!!)


Or Ultrasone Signature Pros (another vote! ;-))

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How about a pair of modded Fostex T50RPs? Mr Speakers mad dogs have been getting great reviews and they isolate really well

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Why don't You try a Final Audio Pandora Hope VI (the first Over Ear HP with Balanced drivers) - if You can get across one. As far as I know Final Audio  has a online shop in Belgium, so there is a chance You can find a shop to listen to them.


They are not absolutely sound tight if You listen on higher volumes but I can use them in bed while my wife sleeps whic is good enough for me. :-)


I think they are fantastic with Jazz, Blues, female vocals - others here like them with Hard Rock.

Only issue to me are the too soft earpads - but You can use replacements.


If You are interested - there is a thread here.

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Are the Sig Pro's any better than the ESW11JPN? I wasn't so impressed by the ESW11JPN, but it could very well be they hadn't been burned-in enough. No can did WOW me in the Paris AT Store, except for the AD2000X. Even their W5000 sounded sharp and aggressive vs. my well-used one.
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Pretty much all "closed" audiophile headphone, including the DT770 mentioned is "semi open" in design, because they need some amount of air in order to tune their bass.


A completely closed audiophile headphone would have very light to no bass whatsoever. That's just because if there is no air, then there is no way to get that bass pressure.


But sound leakage in a semi-open headphone is actually due to either:


1) Bad seal


2) Bad resonance with the enclosure


3) Because it's actually an "open" headphone


Anyway, best non-modded closed headphone I have heard is quite possibly the Audeze LCD-XC. It has a decently wide soundstage, and it does sound very good for a "closed" headphone.


Anyway, to answer the above: Ultrasone Sig Pro is very different compared to ESW11LTD. The ESW11LTD is one of those headphones where you really have to ask... "why!?". It seems like someone was attempting to make a portable W3000ANV, but decided to attenuate the treble even further.

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Nad viso hp50

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Alpha Dogs. It's impossible to achieve the openness of sound of the Sennheiser HD series or of Stax in a closed headphone, but MrSpeakers comes as close as I've ever heard. The ADs leak no sound as far as I can tell.

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I was wondering why I was getting notifications for this thread...


Shame on @AlterSack for bumping up an old thread!! LOL



P.S. I Think the original poster actually bought Alpha Dogs recently...

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