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Searching a headphone for 200€ / 260 USD

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Hello everyone,


I've started to look after audio equipment two years ago, but headphones were a huge disappointment for me. Below I will jot down my experiences with them so maybe that helps choosing a new one (and hopefully THE one).




Superlux HD668B

As it was recommended as a best buy product for it's price. I hated it and sold it after a few months (plastic piece of s***...).


Fischer Audio FA-003

This was waaay better then the Superlux, build quality was just excellent. But it's sound was too dark for me, and this didn't change after half a year of usage (I suppose that's enough for burning in). I've tried to fix this issue by equalizing in Foobar (I've raised the last 4-5 bars, this made the sound 'sharper' and 'brighter' → and it was better for me).


An IEM: Yamaha EPH-100 – a success

This IEM made me sell the Fischer Audio FA-003 as it produced sound quality I was looking for without any equalization, modification, etc. Just plug in, turn on Foobar with WASAPI and that's it. Sounded much crispier and clearer than the FA-003 Awesome. So I've decided to use the EPH-100 for home listening also.

After a few months I've realised that I will need a headphone as listening to the Yamaha is too 'tiring', for example the pressure in my ears because of the silicon tips is not comfortable for long term listening. I would also like to listen to a headphone with a huge soundstage while having good separation. Soundstage is just above average with the Yamaha's. Of course, the Yamaha's are definite keeper for me as portalbe solution.


So yet again I'm willing to spend some more money in this area (oh my god...).


In the beginning I said to myself I'm not that enthusiast/rich to have an amplifier for a headphone. Right now I do own a Creative Sound Blaster X-FI HD USB external sound card. If an amplifier is really recommended, and fits in the price range, then okay. In this case please recommend headphone + amp pairs that are 'famous' and worked well for a lot of people.


So the headphones I'm thinking about right now are...

Sennheiser HD598 (200 EUR)

Beyerdynamic DT880 (maybe DT990)


But I'm really interested in what You Head-Fi-ers think, as the Head-Fi community lead me to the Yamaha EPH-100 that I do really love. At this point I'm really flexible, so it's absolutely okay for me to recommend headphones different then the two above.


Thanks in advance!

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What about Denon AH-D2000?

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I had a D2000, and it's a great headphone, especially modded. It has a slightly recessed midrange though. but it's bass is amazing. Some say it's treble is too much, I didn't experience that at all. I want to buy another one ^^

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Soundmagic HP100 is very good, perfect for your needs and taste. Good luck
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Soundmagic HP100 is a definite no for me because of the looks. :(

Right now I think the Beyerdynamic DT880 Edition 250 Ohm should be the best of these ... of course based on reading, as I couldn't try any of them...

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I heard the D2k is more bassy than the DT880, and that the DT880 is closer to neutral / analytical.

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I've decided to go with the Beyerdynamic DT880

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