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Hi all,

I've been doing a lot of research on a headphone upgrade for this month, and iv lowered my option(s) down to the Denon Ah-D2000. I have been very happy with my m50's, but I know there are much better headphones out there. I would like to make the m50's my portable cans (as they essentially seem bulletproof) and get some more substantial headphones for home-listening. What i want to know is if getting a D2000's will be considered an actual upgrade and be worth it, not just a similar headphone. The reason i'm asking is because iv seen posts before saying that the D2000's are similar to the m50's.

I mainly listen to Dubstep/Drumstep (So i need decent base, better or similar to the m50's base), and sometimes rock.

If you know any other headphones that fit my description that will be considered a upgrade that's worth it, please let me know

They also must be closed headphones (because i don't want much sound leakage), and be under $300. smile_phones.gif