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Need Advice Into Buying New Headphones! Everyone Is Welcome!

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Hey everyone, Blocked here. I'm very new at the whole headphone business, and I'm look for a good set of cans AT LEAST under 600$, and yes, I will be getting a Fiio E17 to increase bass in quality. I'm a huge basshead and I love listening to Trance, Techno, Dubstep, and many electronic music like Tiesto, UKF, ATB, etc. I really want these headphones to have really good bass, but also with nice quality. About a year ago a bought the Beats Studio due to immaturity and peer pressure, which resulted into 50$ quality and sounded like a cat farting in my ear. I regret buying them, and I want to make sure that this buy at this price is worth it, which made me come here! I'm thinking of the Ultrasone Pro 900, but I'm getting good and bad reviews, (which of course every headphone would have except something like a Sennheiser HD 800)  Please express all opinions, and hopefully I can make a decision soon. Thanks! \m/


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Just got the Pro 900 two days ago as an upgrade from the HFI 780s. I LOVE them. They are the bass kings; quality, quantity, you name it. Great for dubstep, trance, techno, EDM, whatever (I use them for all other genres too--everything except country). The soundstage is exceptional too, especially for a closed headphone. I guess they sound their best after 300-400 hrs but I still can't take them off. Let me know if you want more of a detailed opinion.


+1 for the Pro 900


p.s. I don't like the HD 800, too flat and boring--that is what I have the HD 598s for!

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Buying new headphones, advice and help needed.

Hey guys, Blocked here.
Well, it's official. My Beats Studio has finally broken and I need a new pair of headphones. Before I list what I want, I just wanted to say that I now realize why people on this forums hate Beats. They are overpriced and made with terrible quality and I highly regret buying them. Back to the main topic. I'm looking for a headphone that would perfectly fit a bass head like me for around 300-350$. I listen to a lot of electronic music like Tiesto, ATB, Knife Party. UKF Dubstep, MiTiS, Omnitica, and practically any dubstep/trance songs with bass and meaning. The Beats had okay bass, but with absolutely no quality. I want a headphone that can really make me say "Holy Sh*t" when that drop comes in. Some headphones recommended to me were the Sony X's, Sony XB1000, Sony 700, some sort of Denons and Ultrasone Pro series. I wanted to see what you guys will say. I listen through a basic iPod 5th generation, and I may get a Fiio or something later on. I really hope that I can get a headphone that is worth the price this time. I'm really devastated and disappointed at my Studios. So whatya guys think? Thanks!
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Ultrasone PRO 900

Sony XB500, XB700, XB1000

Denon D2000, Denon D600

AudioTechnica A900X

M-Audio Q40

Mr Speaker Mad Dog (with SR007 Stax Pads)

Beyer Custom One Pro


Add Digizoid ZO or JDS Cmoy.


Very best,

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Well the Ultrasone Pro 900 has always been my dream headphone, but I can no longer afford it.

The XB's look promising and I hear good reviews, but I'm afriad that they may be a little TOO big. Plus, I will be ending up bringing them to school nearly everyday and on vacations, and it seems like that they will be a hastle to carry. I'm not really liking the look of the Audio Techs, but the Denons did in fact catch my eye. Their ratings and reviews are great for both, but the D600 has a little more style in my opinion. I'm starting to lean close to the D600, but there have been compliants about them having great bass but the mids on it are very recessed, and the treble extension is lacking. As much as I love bass, I want quality as well with the other parts of the song/music like Mids, Highs, and lows. Looks like the D2000 would be my best bet, but I see they can go for around $400 which is out of my budget. Do you have anymore recommendations? If you do, it would be greatly appreciated- and if you can, try and think of a headphone that looks very nice too (;

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Anyone know about Sony's new X Series?

Hey guys, Blocked here.

Shopping at Bestbuy for a new laptop, I saw these beautiful cans sitting on the shelf http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Sony+-+X+Over-the-Ear+Headphones+-+Red/Silver/6613964.p;jsessionid=007B1F5A942DB30C77E9A5A77EF87944.bbolsp-app04-54?id=1218762298325&skuId=6613964&st=sony x&cp=1&lp=1

Might even buy them. Didn't test out the sound, but I'm worried that it's just a good looking headphone but the same quality as Beats or something. Anyone know about them? If not, then I'll just keep my eye on the Denon D600 c:

P.S I'm a huge electronic music fan :D

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Where do you guys buy your headphones?

I've finally made the decision of getting a Ultrasone Pro 900 with a Digizoid ZO2. Where can I buy them for a good price? I know Amazon has them for dirt cheap, but I'm worried i will get a fake one, and since my last pair of cans were the Beats Studio, I may not realize they are fake since I'm used to poor quality tongue.gif. should I go Amazon or somewhere else?
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Threads merged. Please start only one thread for your search. Thanks.

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