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The beats cable, how good is it?

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Everyone here knows(hopefully) that the beats by dre are a terrible deal, but how good is the cable off of the pros? Are they sub-par, fine, or great?

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It's Monster Cable, so it probably costs more than it's worth overall (and I don't mean in a "cables are all nonsense" way). I think they're like $40~ to get replacements, and iirc they have a proprietary locking mechanism on them (I've seen such a thing in videos but I have no idea). If you want a relatively inexpensive TRS replacement, look at V-MODA or Ultrasone; if you want something fancier, I'd probably look elsewhere (Kimber, BJC, etc).
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The Beats cable is decent. I've considered getting one for myself. Probably won't though, I don't support monster.

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