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Hello there



Wish I took a note book my memory lolconfused_face(1).gif


I was impressed by the Schiit range, I had a good listen to the range , especially the Vahalla and the Lyr. I like what I heard, it also nice that they where fed via the same source, so you where listening to the same thing. First off I listen via what I think where the AKG Q701(the black pair next to the green pair), which felt very comfortable on my head, and sounded very detailed and I enjoyed listening to them. I was switching between the Lyr and the Valhalla, and enjoyed what I was listening to both, but in the I settled on the Lyr, and enjoyed it for quite a while.L3000.gif


So thanks for that Mark( I think that was his name) from Electromod, he also said I could home demo and explain to me how that worked, it was nice chatting to him.




Cheers Frank


PS more too come when the old grey matter wakes up.biggrin.gif


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This was my first meet, so I had no real idea what to expect.


One notable plus point was the huge age range, from youngsters to us oldies, who all seemed to get along fine, talking about a topic we're passionate about. Not often that you'd get that situation i other walks of life.


My most significant equipment impression came near the end of the meet - just when the raffle was happening. I've already posted my impressions in an appropriate BHSE/LL thread in the High End forum. Here it is again:




We had an impromptu BHSE/007/LL/009 mini shootout at yesterday's 2012 UK meet, which was the first time I'd seen or heard the latter 2 components:


In short, a guy whose name I didn't catch, was trying to decide whether to buy the LL immediately from the local dealer, or wait much longer and pay more for the BHSE. He already has a SRM007t + SR007, but was unimpressed with this combination, so it had been gathering dust for some time. 


The-Man-With-No-Name had already tried out the LL at another table, and also the BHSE+007 at my table. Despite the noisy meet conditions, my combination was sounding pretty OK - partly because I had a rather nice analogue-sounding Audio Note CDP on loan and partly because it was often playing Holly Cole's well recorded Temptation CD.


TMWNN asked if he could try both systems side by side. In short, the LL was brought over and we swapped between the LL and BHSE, using the 007 and Holly Cole on the Audio Note as the common factors. TMWNN listened for longer than me, so may well have tried other tracks when I wandered away.


TMWNN came to the same conclusion as me, which to me was as obvious as anything can be under such conditions:


The BHSE was clearly better  with this combination. It was particularly good at pinpointing each component of the "headstage" such that Holly and the surrounding instruments each stood out in a lifelike, lively, yet un-fatiguing manner. In comparison, the LL presented the same "picture" in a more smeared manner, where the images blurred into each other, in a flatter, smoother, and ultimately more boring way. All other sound considerations (e.g. which had deeper bass) seemed irrelevant  in this particular situation.


I'm very wary of A/B comparisons. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. I think this particular situation was so clear cut because the BHSE combo captured a reasonable flavour of what I can recreate at home in the dark: having Holly actually standing next to me singing into my ear. And when that happens, any lesser representation is simply not good enough!


Then we tried the 009 with the LL. This was a much better match than had been the case with the 007. However,  that image smearing was  still present, albeit much less obviously. This produced a good sound. However, putting the 009 to the BHSE was better still. Both TMWNN and I agreed  that the BHSE + 009 bested the 007 on detail, but then we differed slightly: TMWNN preferred the 007 overall because it was less fatiguing.  I didn't notice that (but I do listen at lower volumes than most people seem to). My take: The BHSE + 007 pin points each component in a remarkable headstage. The 009 then gives each pin point extra texture, timbre (and probably a few more descriptions beginning with "t"). Very impressive, although I was hoping for a bigger soundstage from the 009, based on other reports.




  • Look, this was just a meet impression. YMMV
  • I think TMWNN could well be ordering the BHSE soon
  • I'm completely happy with my BHSE+007. One day, I may audition the 009 more thoroughly, but I'm in no hurry
  • The LL+007 is not a good combination, but LL+009 is just fine
  • The LL costs less than the BHSE and is less fuss . It looks smarter in real life than in the pictures and it seems very well built. And the value of having a good local dealer should not be underestimated. So it's got a lot going for it, but it just lost out in this particular comparison    


PS, both units had been switched on for 5+ hours by this point

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Originally Posted by TheAttorney View Post


One notable plus point was the huge age range, from youngsters to us oldies, who all seemed to get along fine, talking about a topic we're passionate about. Not often that you'd get that situation i other walks of life.


Could not agree more, i was the youngest there ;) I also loved your BHSE with the Omega 2, my favourite rig of the meet ;)

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Originally Posted by TheAttorney View Post

I believe it was a Audio Note Zero. I was well impressed with it -  a very natural "analogue" sound.

Andy told me is costs around £1K and that it has a valve stage inside. At that price it's a steal.

Cheers. I quite enjoyed your setup. 

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Click an image to view a larger version and then click 'next' to move through all the images in the larger view...




































































































































































































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Awesome pictures! A great one of me pulling my Jeans up as well ahaha

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Well done John, great pics.

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Well done John, fantastic photo's.

Guys, one of you left a gold CD with Mark Dolbear having used it to demo the Cavalli Liquid Lightning and Stax combo. If you'd like it returned please PM me the artist and your address.


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Was waiting for this thread to show up.


wow, just wow.

First up. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thanks to Andy for his hard work sorting this all out and getting amazing sponsors involved. And another big thanks to the sponsors themselves for letting us demo their equipment and the ridiculous raffle prices. And thanks to everyone else for turning up. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Didn't get the chance to go round all the stalls, i was sooo overwhelmed with headphones to demo. That was my priority, but i now have an appreciation for the DACs and Amps.

The Arcam guys were real cool. If you're reading this, i'll send an email tomorrow. They were also nice enough to let me take home an rPAC at a reduced rate and let me pay the rest when i got home. That's service for ya! After being so impressed with the Beyer 1350s courtesy of JustAudio, i'm about to place an order for some. The T1s were real real good too, glad i got to demo them, like a 990 but without the cons.

The Stax-009 / Cavalli setup. Speechless. Literally, i couldn't even talk about them properly after. Sheer beauty. That was the most impressive for me, even though was just allot of top equipment anyway.

Everyone i spoke to was real friendly. Not saying the people i didn't, weren't tongue_smile.gif Learnt a little bit, mainly just the listening experience was what i was discovering most. After hearing the setups i can understand why people prefer certain genres. Wouldn't mind getting a laid back setup of some sort now.


Who is the person with the Distant Worlds tee? I can't believe i didn't spot that previously! Where did you get it from?

Can't wait to try the Beresford Bushmaster i won. Though i do feel it's the wrong hands. Didn't realise what i'd picked up. Can blame whoever that told me to pick it tongue_smile.gif


Good to see so much money was raised too.


Looking forward to a possible next years already!

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Amazing pics and the blue color underwear of the young fellow stand out about as much as the LL leds smily_headphones1.gif.

For those who listened the 009, no impressions with the BHSE? It looks like you had 3 of them there!? Black, silver and gray? Would like to see more oics of the grey one!
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Big thanks to Andy for organising such a great event.


I would also like to hear more impressions on the SR-009 and BHSE, i am very close to pulling the trigger on the pair.

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There were only 2 BHSEs at the meet - black and silver. The "grey" one in the photo looks like a trick of the light on Andy's silver one. The picture was taken directly in front of a large window, so the camera had to severly reduce exposure to  compensate.


I gave a brief impression of the BHSE/009 earlier. Most people who heard the BHSE/009 combination would have been at Dave's rig, which used a directly connected ipod as source (to surprisingly good effect).

If "The Man With No Name" is a headfier, he may chip in at some point.

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Hey, regarding TMWNN, I have a thought. He matches almost everything apart from large factor, he does not own a SR-007/SRM-007 combo. He did however tell me he took part in this a/b (well a stax 009 comparison with two different amp) with two other guys. He is my mates dad and made the briefest appearance and had no name tag. He is not really a headphone guy and not on head fi but has a lot of hi fi knowledge as far as speakers are concerned havIng worked closely with companies such as meridian and heard some electrostatic speakers other the years. So if your guy was in a cream coloured shirt and and longish blonde hair, I might be able to get him to make an aPpearence here, if not I have no idea. This was just a suggestIon.
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Oh. This is good.  To add to all the headphone fun and stuff, we have a mystery as well!

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Looks as if it was a great meet.  No shortage of top shelf equipment thats for sure.

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