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Recommendations: Tube amp for HD800, <$2,000?

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I have heard the HD800s with my Grace Design m903 and i thought they sounded great (no reference to compare to). I overwhelmingly see Headfi participants recommend tube amps for the Sennheisers. If I wanted to just use it as a DAC and buy a tube amp for the HD800s what amps would recommend for a significant performance improvement over the m903's HF amp. I am interested in maximizing the HD800s sonic performance in terms of:

- their bass 
- transparency & sonic detail
- speed & dynamics
- holographic imaging
- mollifying sibilance
- modest physical size

The amps can be either single ended or balanced (although honestly,  I am not yet sold on the benefits of these designs yet). I have read through a number of older posts, but I wanted to get the current thinking of forum.


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I had been listening to the HD800 for a number of years with my RSA Apache, which I believe to be a very good solid state amp.  I got an Eddie Current Super 7 in order to be able to beef up the bass and lower the treble a notch by tuberolling, without losing any of the virtues of the phones (very resolving, large sound stage, etc.).  I have been extremely pleased with the results.  I suggest you read this thread, particularly the last half of it:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/579039/review-and-comparison-eddie-current-balancing-act-and-super-7

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These four amps all seem well regarded:

Single Ended:

Eddie Current - Zana Deux SE: $2,200
Woo Audio - WA2: $1,090


Eddie Current - Super 7: $1,830
Woo Audio - WA22: $1,900

Given my goals in my original post, is one of these a better match? Also, my balanced outs from my m903 are being used for my active monitors leaving unbalanced RCA outs to connect to a tube amp. Is it a waste of time using a balanced amp with unbalanced inputs from my m903?

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