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Beats HD vs. Beats Solo

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Myself being a huge music fan, i HIghly recommend the Beats Solo HDs rather then the Solos, unless you are thinking of the Studios. The HDs are much more Durable, they have a metal support bar unlike the other Solos, and sound wise, better highs, better bass, clearly Hds are better.

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Talking about Beats here never ends well, just a warning, in case you haven't seen already, or you're just trolling.

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2 Options:


1. you're a troll with a brand new account


2. You don't know much yet about high-end Audio.


Just to be clear: Beats Audio is a rip-off. I would only consider buying solo's (or HD, doesn't matter a thing) at $30 or lower. They sound horrible, muddy, distorted and so on. Don't even like the look.


There are so many btter headphones out there... from an $1500 Sennheiser HD800 to something like a Grado SR60.

If you were looking for some bass, i'd recommend Ultrasone.


Honestly, you could buy buy much more decent cans at $60

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