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Searching high-quality Audiophile "non leaking" Headphone

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One question gentlemen:  Besides my "open headphone", I need to buy a closed headphone, just because sometimes I can not afford to have sound leaking to (or from) outside.  


So.. I am looking for a very-high-quality Audiophile headphone with large soundstage and musicality close to an open headphone (LCD-2, Stax, HD800...) that DO NOT LEAK sound.


I  found that some headphone called "closed"; like the very good DENNON D7000 or Exotic Fostex TH900 in fact are semi-open and leak a LOT.angry_face.gif


So... what "non leaking" headphone can you recommend for me ( I listen classical, rock, blues, variety, pIANO.... anything NOT too hard or heavy bass).  Price in not really an issue this time wink_face.gif


thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately most of the 'good' closed cans are basically semi open. 


You could look at the W3000ANV, Ed.8, or Signature Pro I guess...

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Closed and sealed are not the same thing - something like the D7000 are closed, but not sealed. So they leak. Based on IF measurements, the D7100 should be more sealed, but I don't know this for certain. Realize that just because they're letting sound "in" doesn't mean they're putting sound "out" as heavily - I'm thinking you're listening to music at pretty ridiculous levels if you've got the Denon models leaking enough to hear from across a room or similar. redface.gif

Other models to consider beyond what Morbid suggested include the STAX SR-4070, Beyerdynamic T70 or T5p, Koss ESP/10, etc. There aren't a lot of truly sealed/high-isolation headphones, and they will not generally match 1:1 what you can get from a good open headphone. It's a trade-off.

Oh, another thought, and I know this isn't really "Summit-Fi" would be ANC headphones - like the Parrot Zik or (*ducks*) Bose QC15. No the sound quality will not compete with $500-$1000+ open-back audiophile headphones, but they isolate and seal better than most other headphones made. Just a thought, although I'm guessing you don't need this much isolation/etc to make the compromise on sound quality.
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add jmoneypads (or angle pads?)...i think the isolation on the denonD7k improved.


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I have the same issue because I listen to my headphones in bed at night while my wife is trying to sleep.  I started with HD800, and that was WAY too loud for her.  I then got T70, and they have GREAT isolation, but I was a bit frustrated with the lack of bass.  However, over time I have either gotten used to it or it has gotten better.  I am not one to really believe in "break-in" but I have to say that the T70's seem to have changed A LOT in the lower end.  It could be all in my head though.  


These are actually GREAT sounding headphones and compare very favorably to my HD800's with a similar openess in the mids and uppers.  The soundstage is more compressed and the bass is still not quite as good as the HD800, but I got them for like $300 on Amazon when they had them on sale a while back.  Overall, very good can for it's intended purpose.  If you want to spend more the T5p may also be worth a look.


I also have the Audio Technica ATH-W3000 ANV and they do not have as good of isolation in either direction as the T70, but are much better than the HD-800.  They have better bass than the T70 though and the build quality is night and day better than the Beyers.  When amped with one of my better amps, the W3000ANV have this magical silkiness to the upper mid-level to treble range that is very captivating and neither the HD800 or T70 have.  If isolation is a necessity, though, you probably want to pass on these.


Anyway, that is my input on closed cans with isolation.  Sorry, I don't have too much else to compare them with.  I did test the Denon 5000s and they have A LOT of leakage, although they are fun cans.


The other thing to think about is some IEM's.  I have a pair of lowly Shure SE-215's (and previously 210's) that I use for airplanes and working out and for the money they sound AWESOME right off of a portable.  I suspect that if you got a nice pair of IEM's and something like and Ibasso DX100 with a good DAC in it, that would be a GREAT sounding combo with excellent isolation.

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How about the Leatherhead?

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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post

How about the Leatherhead?

Do you mean the "

Audio Technica ATH-L3000 ? 


Is it still on sale ? 

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That's what I meant, and no it is not (you'd have to buy used).

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I have two closed headphones :

Beyerdynamic T 5 P
Ultrasone ED 8 Ruthenium

For female jazz and audiophile music I wish to buy :

ATH W 5000

These three are the best closed headphone for me .
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I used to listen to the Utrasone ED 8 in bed at night.  Great headphone.  Almost no leakage of sound.  My wife says she cannot hear them even when cranked up.  I sold the ED8 and switched to the Ultrasone Signature Pro.  I prefer the Pro.  Slightly less bright, less sibilance, and more laid back when is what I want to go to sleep.   Base no louder but deeper.  I worried about scratching the ED8 when half asleep.  The Pro is unlikely to scratch even if  thrown on floor or against headboard.  

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I think I will got with the Ultrasone Signature Pro.  Thanks

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Have you considered a high-end custom or universal IEM?

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What comes to mind is the Beyerdynamic T5

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Originally Posted by elnero View Post

Have you considered a high-end custom or universal IEM?



That's a good suggestion.  JH 16 would fit the bill nicely.

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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post

That's what I meant, and no it is not (you'd have to buy used).

How much is the l3000?
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