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I have an iMac along with M-Audio BX5a active speakers. I also have a PS3 and a 46" Sony Bravia LCD.



Here's what I'm trying to do:


First, I'd like to improve the quality of listening to music via iTunes to my active speakers. So I'm guessing I need a DAC.


Also, I'd like to route the PS3 through the active speakers as well for watching movies and gaming.


However, I need these things to work with a remote control. Essential... hopefully possible. The apple remote works while listening to music for iTunes, but it would be great to have a remote to work for adjusting volume for movies as well. The TV remote will not work for this setup, and the line level audio outputs on the TV are not capable of being adjusted with the TV remote.


Does anyone know of a good DAC that can handle what I'm asking for? I'd rather not spend over $250.


(BTW, I currently have the Behringer UCA202, and I'm not too happy about the quality of audio output, though it's a handy device).