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What headphones do females find sexy? (gift idea)

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Well my lil sis has been looking for sexy closed higher end (mid fi) headphones for a few months. I've given her some suggestions like AKG's, but she says it's too expensive, so I'm just going to buy something for her birthday next month. She really is looking for something sophisticated I guess..because I can tell she doesn't find my SRH440 or PRO700MK2 sexy...However she likes my TMA-1 Studios. She loves the sound of the PRO700MK2, but I don't recommend them because they aren't that comfortable. She likes the sound of the SRH440 also, but I'd get her the SRH940 instead. Kinda ugly though?

So something under $300 and "sexy"...I'm guessing metallic, black, or white. Nothing too plastic looking.
I know she listens to acoustic, pop, ballad, R&B and rock.
They must be closed over the ear. A plus if they are foldable, and come with two cables.
Need to order before next month. Girls opinions would help greatly.
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Look at the Audio-Technica Earsuit headphones, like the ATH-ES7, ES88, ESW9, and the clipon EW9. There's other models too, but those are the ones that come to mind. I've only heard the ESW9, and I like them quite a lot - I'm going to assume the others are at least reasonable performers (most Audio-Technicas are imo).

Just thought of another option - the Bowers & Wilkins' headphones are fairly stylish, the P5 aren't terrible sounding (they isolate very well too; I think the ESW9 sound better, but they don't isolate nearly as well).
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Get the biggest ones you can find,don't forget size does matter wink_face.gif

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Haha indeed, if talking about the driver size.

Still looking for more suggestions. I might just get her the AKG K550, since she loved the finish on them. The Sennhieser Momentum would have been greato, but I don't spend that much on gifts.
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Citiscape Uptown

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My GF pretty much hates almost all over ear headphones (looks), including the infamous Beats Studio. However, I have found this true of females in general. They tend to love the style of dj headphones. Ones that swivel and flip and stuff. My GF likes the looks of the Sony V700DJ and LOVES the looks of the Numark Red Wave (she even tells me it would be an awesome gift for her.) so, that's my experience. Both have good sq and bass, Sonys can be had around 125, the Numarks around 75. Hope this helps.
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Yeah my first thought was that you probably aren't going to get anywhere with over ear headphones unless they're pink or bedazzled ; ) The V-Moda Crossfades can be decorated I know..

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M-100s had there first batch tested




coming out in a few weeks, if you can wait

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pink/black fostex kotori =)

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First thing that came to mind was the Vmoda Crossfade LP Customs

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Ultrasone HFI780 I think is sexy, but I'm not a girl. redface.gif


Anything I say is probably the most un-sexy headphone in the world.

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My Girlfriend decided to "borrow" my cans and now it is hers.....Audio Technica ESW9. I would say quite sexy. They sound amazing.

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Originally Posted by RevAmped View Post

Citiscape Uptown

Tyll believes Citiscape Downtown is what the ladies dig. 

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Originally Posted by Lord Voldemort View Post

Tyll believes Citiscape Downtown is what the ladies dig. 


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