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Want a new amp/dac!

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I currently run a ibasso d4 mamba and a denon d2k.

Mainly i use the amp/dac on my desktop, and sometimes i use it while i use my laptop. So i think portable is a good thing.


I want to upgrade my headphones down the road but i still like my D2000, my issue is with the mamba, it create tons of hiss when its turned up, i usually have the gain on, and about 1/2 up on the knobs, or whenever i turn the knob it create a hiss. The sound it self is a bit muddled to my taste, i like sharper and punchier sound, with a nice bass. Not a bass head but i like the movie theater feel.


I listen to a wide genre, mostly hip hop and dubstep or anything upbeat, but i do like movie scores, i listen to them often, right now im listening to hans zimmer score for the simpson movie... lol


I dont like the sound card from either of my desktop or laptop, im not a gamer, but i listen to music about 4-8hr a day specially if im working.

My budget is 300-400, im even thinking of stand alone for my desktop but not sure if the price can justify quality. Or i save up for a schiit?

Thanks for all the help in advance!!!

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Check out the Leckerton UHA-6S MKII. One of the best in it's price range.



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Look at this Brand new product from Ray Samuel :  " The Intruder ":  sort of SR71B (fully ballanced) WITH a DAC.  


--> This may be the ultimate "ONE BOX ONLY" solution 


Plus, I will be also able to use it with my laptop (easier therefore to justify the buying cost)













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I rock a Headroom Total Bithead. It's not the best, but the DAC works and it's highly portable. DAC works without using the batteries.

Not sure what the impedance of your cans are but it powers my AKG Q701s moderately well. Not amazing though.

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