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I can't find anything through my searches that has helped me enough, only guided me. So, I am not an audiophile at all; I know absolutely nothing. In fact, I believe I tried on a pair of Beats Solo HD's a few months ago and thought they were amazing.


Anyway, I've realized they are awful for the money, but have no idea what pair I should pick up.


What I need:

  • Under $150, preferably under $100....I'm sure a lot will sound good to me since I've been using stock headphones my whole life
  • Over ears on ears
  • Isolate sound VERY well
  • Do not leak much at all
  • Enhanced bass, has a tight punch that sounds crisp without drowning out everything else (if that makes sense)
  • Very comfortable to the ears and head/are not prone to making ears sweat very easily


Essentially, I am looking for the best sounding headphones I can get with that criteria. Since I know nothing about what sounds good or bad, I am leaving that up to you guys. Also, I enjoy literally any type of music and need these to work well without an amp as I will be using them strictly with my phone and computer.