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Originally Posted by ibob4tacoz View Post

Everytime I walk into my uncle's house, "Halp me wit (fill in random piece of tech here)"

Not surprising. 



Has anyone actually sat down and wondered what it really is that Microsoft does?


The amount of employees it had relative to what it produces?......It was preposterous. 

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So our super great frontier internet just went out randomly. Y dey do dis? I've still got my less than 3G connection on my phone :3

EDIT: Huehuehue 2 seconds afterposting this on my phone, I try refreshing chrome and internet decides to work again on desktop/family's tablet. GG Frontier! Only down for 10 minutes, could be a lot worse.

EDIT 2: spoke too soon! Down again.
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One trick to relatives always asking for help is to never work on their computer at their house. Tell them you have to take their computer away to work on it. Once you have their computer, don't give it back for at least 2 weeks - even if it is a 5 minute job. You will be amazed at how that cuts down on the number of times they call you...

If you want to be a little nicer, then install VNC on their machine and open a port through their firewall so you can get into their machine remotely. At least then you aren't burning your gas money every time Uncle Lou can't find his desktop shortcut to Farmville.

Or, if you want to eliminate 95% of all relative service calls, install vmware on their machine, and lock the VM down so that no data or changes can be written to the VM. Every time they boot the machine, it loads the locked-down VM image fresh from the drive. So, if they screw-up and install a bunch of stupid toolbars and add-ins, they are all gone the next time they boot-up. I actually know a guy that did this to the computers used by his kids and wife. A very nice guy and an excellent network engineer - but he had some "control" issues... tongue.gif
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Depressing ass LoL game. Just started a smurf account, level 1. Went into inter bots to level up so I could PvP.


My team fed and ragequit at 15 mins and score ended up 1:21 (only kill was my Lux top, because everyone else QQed that 2v1 top was too hard, even if I played support with them...can't save people who tower dive constantly without a minion wave.)


Le Sigh.

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