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Ok so my turtle beaches recently broke and I just cannot play to my full capacity without the sounds of the game, so I was browsing online and found out that I could buy a nice pair of headphones and a clip on mic(?) an astro mixamp and then with all these in 1 setup it would blow gaming headsets out of the water. So I have it mostly figured out, I am going to buy a pair of AD700's an astro mixamp and Labtec LVA 7330 mic. I know how to setup the mixamp with the AD700's but I just don't see how I can setup the mic so I can have voice chat AND the headset on at the same time, how would I be able to hear voice chat out of my headphones; is there a port on the mixamp that allows for the mic to be plugged into it at the same time as the headphones? I would really like to have this setup but I'm unsure of how the voice chat aspect would work. Sorry if this is noobish I'm not really experienced with this sort of thing, any help is appreciated. I am an xbox player by the way.


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