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For Sale: IC: Sony MDR-F1

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For Sale:
IC: Sony MDR-F1

Will Ship To: CONUS

It's an interest check for my MDR-F1. I acquired them used. I believe I am the second owner.


While it is an interesting and collectible can, I realize I have more open cans than I really need and would like to pass it on to save for a DAC/amp upgrade in the future. The F1 I own is in faily good condition, pads are a little worn but still comfortable (I have them cleaned thoroughly when I first got it). The only problem I can tell is that the headband adjustable strings are a bit stretched over time and if you have a small head (like mine), you may have problems getting a good fit. Otherwise, it should fit ok.


I don't have a price in mind yet, so offers are welcome. Any questions, feel free to pm :)


Thanks for looking.

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Would love to hear this headphone, someday! Just dropping by for a free bump and to 'monitor' its FS status XD


Hopefully someone in AUS would buy it ;p

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Do you have a figure. I got a pair but wouldnt mind another.

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