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Amp for bose qc 2 ? (under U$ 80,00)

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hi guys... i'm new here...


i need a AMP for my bose qc2 to improve the sound ... I already have asus xonar dx, which you could recommend me ?


for use 50% music / 50% games...


thanks !

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I suggest saving the money for better gaming headphones. You can't improve noise cancelling headphones as they already have an amp in them which limits the sound quality possible with them.

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hmmm .. thanks for the reply!

I'm very noob in audio ... Currawong what you think overcomes a bose QC2 headphone under $ 180?


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Originally Posted by glunteer View Post

hmmm .. thanks for the reply!

I'm very noob in audio ... Currawong what you think overcomes a bose QC2 headphone under $ 180?

If you want a set of cans that SMOKE the qc2 in sound quality try these for $75 dollars:
Read about them at:

My other suggestions in that price range are the Beyerdynamic DT770. These are closed design meaning they will block out some of the ambient noise in the room if that is desireable for you. But the sound is more "narrow" or closed in feeling with closed cans. Get the 80 or the 250 ohm version if you get these.

The Beyerdynamic DT990 I own and love them to death. They are "open design" meaning the cups are vented to the outside world allowing for a much wider and airy sound but this is not desireable in a noisy environment although they sound great.

Beyer is famous for their comfort for long usage which is why I recommend them for your gaming and what not.

For either model you can drive the 32 ohm, 80 ohm or 250ohm models real nice with this portable amp for 55 bucks:


Or this desktop amp for 60 bucks:


The JVC does not need an amp to sound good. They sound better amped to my ears but I still run them ouf of my ipod direct and they sound amazing. Super efficient at half volume I am at my max.

If you try any of those 3 models, I promise you you will want to throw your QC2's into the trash. An amp will not help your QC2.. A poor sounding headphone still sounds poor amped.
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let me explain it to you ^ ^

I live in Brazil (hence the bad english)

I got this phone as a gift from a cousin, I would never buy a phone for $ 400 without researching ...

this was my first phone "hi-fi" ... I loved it and have a quality sound (surpassing my philips shp2700 and razer piranha)

I feel like now to have a better headphone, so I need help ...

I think I can get up to $ 200 ... I will use 80% games and 20% for music ...

I thought the AD700 but many people say he has a weak bass ... and that worries me a bit ...

I need a phone with good soundstage (for bf3) and it's good to hear some music


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Ok hopefully I can help. Couple of questions: Is sound isolation important to you? I mean do you require that they are "closed" headphones in a noisy room or can they be "open"?
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can be opened without problems! thx !!

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also do you prefer a full sized headphone that covers your ears or the more portable one that sit's on your ears and doesn't fully cover them?
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I think full more comfortable :)

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can you get the Beyerdynamic DT770 online in brazil? Or the DT990?

I haven't tried the AD700 yet so i cant tell you much about the bass.

MalVeaux posts it is a "bad headphone" on this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/627547/are-the-ath-ad700s-any-good-please-help

I trust Mal so I wouldn't do it.
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yes, I can ...

I found this:



is it sturdy? is to take wire (in the case of attaching and stops operating)?

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Good to know!

if I buy this phone for $ 200 ... will not be left for the AMP (because I need to buy a gtx 670 and a Samson Go Mic)

unfortunately amazon does not deliver here ...

but will my asus xonar dx will not help the headphone?


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I don't know how much power that card puts out and I couldn't easily find it on a search. I would not risk it unless you don't mind buying an amp later if it does not work.

I think the easiest thing for you to do is to try to get the JVC HA-S500 imported from Japan.

It is not as comfortable but it is:

1. Only 75 dollars shipped.
2. Does not need an amp at all.
3. Sounds like a 300 dollar headphone. I am listening to them right now.

Search that model on the internet and see if you can find it. I has good bass but is also nice and balanced. You will enjoy it, it is just no as comfortable as the Beyer.

Another possibility is this item:
I heard it sounds great for the money but I have never listened to it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I am unsure of what you can get in Brazil.

You can try to post questions on this thread if you want to talk to people who have tried a lot of headphones:
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The less I spend better ... this headphone is the best I can be up to $ 100? the quality is very good of him? I did not like one thing it (but I can get used to it) ... it has two wires coming out of the headphone (i only like one)

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