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I wrote that I will give a feedback when my 2.5mm replacement connector arrives and is replaced. This happened now. The result after replacing it: No more volume loss when touching or turning the 2.5mm connector on my momentum :happy_face1:.

Here are some pics:



 before replacement: It looks the same as the original one

 for those who have never seen the driver


  All necessary tools: Soldering Iron, Solder, Unsoldering copper-band (+philipps screwdriver)

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Congratulations on.your replacement smily_headphones1.gif
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My universal cable (the one without the remote) suddenly stopped to work on the left side. It does not present any physical dommage, and fortunately, only costs about 15€... 


I am worried because it was only 6 months old.


Should I upgrade to a better cable? I see a few nice silver cables on ebay, like that : 






I just don't like the color; prefer a black one :D

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Originally Posted by CapitaFK View Post

 Bought a pair from Adgtron for $105 thanks to this thread, and a thread on Reddit saying Sennheiser honors warranties from him. Now for the wait. :)

That's where I ordered my brown ones. It was like $50 for a new-ish example. 


Thanks for everyone's guidance.


My other set is Samson SR-850s, so I'm due for a bump.

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