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Originally Posted by jay-w View Post

Yes I guess this is where preferences matter more not quality of hearing (had mine tested twice in 12 months). 

I think I've been spoiled by open headphones and more neutral sounding IEMs. On the Momentums I recently played a Jazz album and it sounded like the Bass player was standing out on the balcony. Put on the Alessandro's and brought him back inside and tightened up his projection. 

The hunt continues for a closed, portable to my liking. 

I've grown quite fond of the momentums despite not liking them too much at first either but yeah they aren't the most resolving or articulate and can get a little boomy however I really like them, you should take a look at the Bang and Olufsen H6, I auditioned it at length and it has a very open and spacious sound with superb detail retrieval and a much lighter tonality. I found them to not have enough bass for me, which probably means they would be just right for you.
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Originally Posted by mgh24 View Post

Could you give a run down on how you compare the bass between the HD600, 650, and the Momentums?  I had a pair of HD600 that I sent back.  I really loved the sound, but am looking for something with more bass impact.  BTW, to my ears, the HD600 were not missing bass, seemed to me like it was all there, just not as strong as what I wanted.

Many thanks.

The 600 and 650 are very similar sounding headphones, but sub and mid bass impact is weightier on the 650, there is more thud, I guess you can say. The sound of the 650 is richer and thicker than the 600. You might like the 650 more because of this. I find myself reaching for the 600 more because I love the punchier dynamic neutral presentation.But many times, I put on the 600 and the 650 back to back, and I am more amazed by how similar they sound than by how different, especially with my Schiit Vali and Sony minishelf receiver.

The Momentum sounds a bit more like the 650 in that it has a rich warm presentation. Its mid bass is a bit boosted, but it does not have the sub bass impact of the 650 or the HP 50. I love the Momentum. It is not quite as high fidelity as the 600 or 650, but it gets you at least 80% of the way there, and you don't need to buy an expensive stereo system and headphone amplifier to make it sound great. Just an iPod touch will do fine, plus maybe a portable amp.
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