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Hey! I was wondering, I was considering to get a new pair of in-ears, and I have a pretty specific music curve. I like my bass a little extended, a standard midrange, and a strong but not overpowering treble (Like a U-shaped curve, but more on the treble than the bass, but not by too much. I like something pronounced and precise for the bass.). I have a price range of $150-$300. I listen to EDM, though I have a knack for changing musical preferences. I've been talking with a couple people here, but I posted on a review page (by accident) of the, a in-ear that I was strongly considering. I was told that it'd be a good idea to post a new thread.


In-Ears I was considering


Heir Audio <--- (Leaning most towards)

Heir Audio

UE 900 (Though I lean a lot more to Heir Audio)




I wasn't considering custom IEMs at the moment, as they aren't appropriate for my needs yet, and I want the ability to show off to my friends.