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Are the ath ad700s any good? Please help.

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Just to let everyone know from the start, I'm a complete headphone noob who just needs something to play games and listen to music. I've looked into this particular phone, and am starting to warm up to it. I can get it from amazon warehouse deals, like new, for 70 big ones, instead of the 90 bucks I'd normally pay. I've also looked into the akg acoustics k240s, but it seems the ad700s are a better deal.

    Some of my favorite bands to listen to include The Beatles, Dave Matthews, Ben Folds, and Zeppilin. I also like to listen to jazz and classical. Overall, everything but electronic, rap, or hip hop.

    Any help is appreciated.


   P.S I have a smaller head. Which according to some, may be a problem.

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AD700's are one of the worst headphones for music, but excel at competitive gaming. AT wings also don't like small heads.


Perhaps another option? What's your budget, and do you prefer an open or closed headphone?

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My budget is about 90 to 100 dollars, BUT I'll only pay that much if those headphones are completely incredible, a music lover will definitely enjoy. The sweet spot is from 50 to 80.

   I own an open grado sr60i, which I love for listening, though its comfort level is lower for me, and I prefer closed headphones over open ones.

    And since the ad700 wont work, have you heard about or tried out the akg acoustics k240? Those were my second option in case the ad700s wouldn't works. Those are 86 dollars on amazon currently, a bit on the pricey side for me. however, if those are the best I could get for sub 100 bucks, I'll take 'em.

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It's hard to define the "best" of anything, especially in audio. Try to ignore the concept of price = performance, because that's not always the case.


Personally, the PX100-II is one of my favorite headphones of all time, and I've preferred it to many headphones in the $200-$400 range.


Unfortunately, I haven't tried the K240. But, many say the Superlux HD681 is a more budget friendly alternative, with similar sound.

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To me the ATH-AD700s light bass is a turn off, makes music and movies feel like something is lacking.

Technical Pro HPT990 are a great value at $50 (sold on Amazon).

The HPT990 need a long burn in time.

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Avoid the AD700. It's not a good headphone for the money, it's not fully competent at all frequencies, and I think a headphone that cannot perform at all ranges is a bad headphone, which should not have money-support from consumers.


The AKG K240 sounds like it's right up your alley.




Samson SR850


Sennheiser HD439


Very best,

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