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I have beyerdynamic DT250 headphones: 45mm drivers 250Ohms 100mW 97dB

I sealed off the cup exhaust ports and covered the cups with acoustic foam to maximize isolation

and tighten up the bass that was dark, overpowering and slow to release. After the changes

they sounded bright and bass light on a low power amp. However, plugged to the headphone out

of my Sherwood S-7200 solid state receiver they created a bass impact that moved massive air

pressure. It almost felt like the cans were hovering over my cheeks. Heavy bass or percussive

snaps in treble push lots of air. Depending on the sound source this happened with the loudness

switch engaged and the volume turned as low as 9 O'clock. I really like the sound. Its still

accurate and detailed with extremely tight normal bass. Its just the extreme low and high

frequencies that have impact. Its not as balanced and refined as my modified t20v2 orthos, but

its got a really fun sound with a gigantic soundstage.


I'm wondering if this fun setup would be short lived though. Am I taking the driver beyond its original

design capabilities? Will this dampening and amp eventually distort and deteriorate the drivers? If so

are there any precautions I could take to keep the sound but still care for the drivers? I don't want

the fun to end.