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For Sale: Victor JVC HA.FX700

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For Sale:
Victor JVC HA.FX700

Will Ship To: EU

Hey guys,


I purchased these incredible In-Ear Monitors in Japan for A/B Comparisons with my Monster Coppers and my Westone 4.

Unfortunately I have very small ears and the JVCs dont fit my ears. They sound incredible, very much like my Denon D5000 and are superior to the Monster Coppers in every way. To me these are the best universal dynamic driver IEMs in the market today.


I am putting them for sale as I cant really use them due to my smallish ears so some lucky Headfier can have them :)


They are actually brand new, arent even burned in. I only used them for some hours for comparisons so they have about 20-30 hours on them maximum and have no sign of use AT ALL. They of course come in the original packaging with all accesories. I have used them with my own tips only.


I can send pics if requested





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Dropped to 220 Euro, shipping to all European Union Countries (EU 27).


If you prefer to trade, I am interested in Grado 325i or Westone 3.

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Interested in Shure SE425 (2 weeks old)?

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Thanks for the reply. No I am not interested in the Shure, thanks though.

The Westone 3 are more or less the only IEM I am currently interested in. 




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How about SM3 ?

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SM3 v2?
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Sold. Thanks to all

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