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Most bang for 200$ ?

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I'm new to the Head-FI world, but I've had a few years going with a speaker and amp setup. Due to some circumstances (sold the Amp and speakers) I've began to think about getting a head phone setup. I now need your help and input to make the most out of the 200$ budget I've set. This is the maximum I want to spend, since I don't know if head phones truly is for me, but it's worth trying!

I've been looking in these boards and found that the :
Koss DJ100
Fostex T50RP 
Seems like good "budget" phones. I've also looked at some amps but haven't really found anything in particular.

I'm mostly going to use the phones while at home (stationary), connected to either a computer or an iPad. I'm working on upping the quality of my music library. 

My music taste is very wide, I.e. Pop, rock, dance, acoustic etc etc.  There might even be some spontaneous movies.

Input, advices, help and guidance would be much appreciated!

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I'm pretty new here myself, one pair of headphones someone suggested to me was HFI 580s. They are under $200 and seem like a pretty good pair of headphones. However I don't know much about them but you can look into them.

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What kind of equipment do you already have to plug them into? Basically I'm interested in what's inside that computer.

Anyways, the DJ100 are around $50; while I'm not opposed to seeing people save a lot of money, they aren't (imho) the best thing you can get within a $200 budget (personally I didn't like them very much, but there's some posters on here who I tend to agree with who do happen to like them, so I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and say someone may find them enjoyable - the advantage is, Best Buy sells them, and likely has them on demo).

Within your budget, I'd suggest looking at the following:

- Ultrasone HFI-2400
- Creative Aurvana Live!
- Bose AE2 ("AE2i" adds nothing but iDevice controls - so you can save the money if you don't need those features)
- Sennheiser HD 280 and 380 Pro (380 being the better of the two, but also more expensive)
- Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (there are a number of versions, they all sound the same)
- Grado SR-125 or 225
- M-Audio Q40
- Koss R/80

I know that's a fairly large list that I've constructed, and I would consider it a starting-off point more than anything else. For what you've listed and since you're unsure on whether or not headphone listening is really your bag, I'm really inclined to suggest the Koss R/80 or DJ-100 (imho the R/80 are more comfortable and balanced sounding, despite being the less expensive model) instead of pushing you towards something that sinks your entire budget. However if you want to go "straight to the finish line" the Grado SR-225 or Ultrasone HFI-2400 would be it; the Ultrasone have a bigger soundstage and more bass, the Grado are faster and more airy/open sounding.

The various closed/monitor headphones that make up the rest of the list have varying degrees of bassiness and "closed-in" feeling, from the very closed-in M50 and HD 280 to the relatively open-feeling AE2 and HD380. The Aurvana and Q40 will sit about in the middle.
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Wow, thats alt of good feedback! Oh, and I should probably have mentioned I'm not in the US. But I'll try to demo the headphones anyway!

The thing is I'm basically starting from zero again. The computer is a MacBook pro, Meaning there is no bells and whistles worth mentioning. That why I thought an amp / DAC would be a good addition to the headphones themselves to up the listening experience. I.e a small FiiO device?

I think i am more inclined to start off not spending a great deal of money since I'm not sure if this is my field of play. The market for used headphones isn't that big, is it?

The R/80 and DJ100 seem to be the kind of phones I'm looking for. I want a good all round headphone that can handle most music (that is a challenge I know).

Thanks for the help guys!
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There's some used headphones available here on Head-Fi, but as a new member I don't know how you'd fare at making offers. I'd avoid eBay because fake headphones are not uncommon.

For most of the models I listed, your computer should have no problem driving them directly.
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