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How do I fix/replace headband pad for Sony MDR V600?

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Can't seem to find any tutorials on this online.

The earpads are easy enough to replace, but I'm afraid I'm going to break something while trying to replace the headband pad.


Any suggestions on how I should go about this?

Video link would be lovely.



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Replacement of the headband pad is not a trivial matter.  You'll need a small soldering iron, a #0 Phillips screwdriver, and several hours (the first time).

Start by removing the back cover of the right can and unsoldering the wires (make note of which goes where.

Next is the horseshoe shaped cover on the inside of the hanger assembly.  Just pry it up gently and evenly.  The cable just lifts out.

To removing the hanger assy from the bracket on the end of the headband, you have to pry off the two caps on the ends of the bracket and remove all the stuff in there.  Remove the cover over the spring and ball (don't lose them) then the two support bushings.  As you remove the hanger, you'll find the detent plate for the ball.  Just slide the hanger off the wire.  At this point, make note of how much cable is free - during reassembly you'll want to check to make sure you don't have too much or too little.

To remove the bracket, position it in mid travel.  Remove the screw on the inside, then slide the inner cover up about 1" and pull the wire through.  At this time, also remove the two inner pieces from both ends of the headband pad (the outer pieces will just slide down towards the ends of each bracket).  The R bracket can now be removed from the end of the headband (the slide is the lock piece that keeps the bracket from pulling out in use.

Finally the plastic piece at the end of the headband can be removed, along with the headband padding.  Note the routing of the cable so you can put it back the way it was.

Reassembly is just the reverse, of course with new padding. 

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Thanks Aesch! I was hoping not to have to solder anything, as I'm not great at it, but since these headphones are old and falling apart anyway, I suppose it's worth giving a shot. Thanks for your tips. Greatly appreciated!

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Initially I just took a pair of scissors and cut directly up the underbelly op the headphone (being EXTREMELY careful not to cut of even nick the single strand of black wire which transferred the right speakers frequencies,) That was that. I wrongfully assumed I was half way home to replacing the long top head pad.


Being straight forward, I was completely caught off guard in terms of the "proper procedures" 2 replacing the V600's head-pad.  Of course I incorrectly assumed it would be a simple 1-2-3 procedure . . . WOW, was I in for a surprise!  As the dusty adage states: it's not always what it appears . . . "It's a matter of pespective 7 perception."

when attempting to tackle the replacement Pad head on, I immediately ran into a glitch in the technical procedures surrounding the headphone adjustment tabs.  Now, the regular guy or gal that owns a pair of V600's generally wouldn't own a soldering iron or solder (and\or FLUX for THAT matter.)  So I stopped the entire operation and devised a simple-enough method of replacing the headband atop of your favorite headphones!  I carefully & painfully retraced my steps back to how the initial headband tabs and their co-alignment adjusters fell into place, secured all screw tightening's of the outer headband frame (Use crazy glue if necessary . . . to cease any minor rattling when deep bass frequencies are played, and literally took the new replacement pad - carefully removed all cushions & plastic supports within the new head pad and once empty, proceeded 2 slice the inside (belly) of the pad with a pair of sharp scissors.  Slowly & methodically I took a small straight head screwdriver to push in both sides of the pads pleather ends into the very tabs where the original old ones once existed.

I than carefully filled the center of the headband with the new cushions, plastic stabilizers & more cushions . . . once everything was balanced out and I felt comfortable to either sew same right up the center or use black electrical tape to:


1. Slowly run a strip up the middle to secure the innards then,


2. Slowly wrap the same black tape 'round the left to right side of the headpad, making sure to keep all innards aligned.


And there you have it!! with extra touch-up actions to both the left & right entry sides (with the small straight-head screwdriver to tuck in any remaining loose ends,) you'll put the headphones back on and head an even more amazing sound than previously!!


Thanks for listening. Wish you all the best of skill & craftsmanship.

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