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For Sale:
HeadAmp GS-X in silver

Will Ship To: USA + CAN

9/23 update: sold


$1850 shipped FIRM to USA residents only (via FedEx Ground). Will also ship to Canada, add $60 (for USPS Express Mail International). I will not ship the amp to any intermediaries (including shipping transceivers) and reserve the right to refuse to sell to any 0-post or no-feedback buyers. (I can overlook no feedback though - just as long as the buyer has a reasonable number of posts on Head-Fi.)


1st owner, received new from HeadAmp in December 2010 (after an approximate 3-year wait from ordering). Condition is 9/10 on the Audiogon scale. The silver color is also a rarity, as most of the GS-X amps made to date have been black. There's only 1 other Head-Fier to my knowledge who also has a silver GS-X! The amp will not include a power cord - I didn't get one with it, and I don't have any spares either.


For those who haven't been following the recent news, HeadAmp has new "Dynalo+" modules in the works that will increase the power output of the GS-X (and GS-1). More info on the new modules is available in these 2 posts:

- Tech specs:

- Cost:


I was going to buy the upcoming new modules but recently decided not to and will just buy a completely new GS-X instead when the new modules are available.


Available as an option is an offer for 2 of the CDs on this page at no extra cost, if desired:

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