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ATH-Pro700MK2's without an amp or ATH-M50's with a Fiio E11?

Poll Results: ATH-Pro700MK2's without an amp or ATH-M50's with a Fiio E11?

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    ATH-Pro700MK2's with NO amp
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    ATH-M50's with a Fiio E11 portable amplifier?
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I've been looking all around the web for some nice over-ear headphones and have decided on either the ATH-Pro700MK2's without an amp (they are at the top of my price range) or the ATH-M50's with a Fiio E11 since the prices are almost the same through amazon.


I am a basshead but I do want to be have crisp highs and good mids and a nice soundstage with good dynamic between details and such. I listen to dubstep/uk garage and house and will be using these on the go 75% of the time on my 4th gen iPod touch. Portability is something i am taking into account but sound quality is what matters most. I do have a small head. :)


I am considering the Pro700's because of the interchangeable 1.2m chords and the extra bass that they claim to have. I don't want it to be muddy or bleeding into the mids because I would hate to to sacrifice the mids and highs for the extra lows!


I am also leaning towards getting the M50's because they are recieving stellar reviews everywhere I look and am hoping that the portable amp (E11) would be able to enhance their sound to that of the Pro700's or even better!


So what will it be? The ATH-Pro700MK2's ampless or the ATH-M50's with a Fiio e11 portable amp?!


First post so I hope I gave out all the information that can help you guys help me!


Thanks :D

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The Pro700's are almost the exact same price as the M50's with an E11 amp.


The bottom line is pretty much if the M50's w/ the E11 can get better sound quality overall than an un-amped set of MK2's

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I own both of these and my advise is the M-50. Much more balanced sound and MUCH more comfortable. The MK700 to me has overemphasized, muddy bass, poor mid-range and treble. Very unbalanced sound. They are very uncomfortable because of clamping pressure.

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Thanks for the help! :D Do you have any amp/would you recommend an amp for the M50's?

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What I hear about the Fiio E11 is that the audio quality isn't too good compared to even an E7. Because you can use it as a D/A converter, I'd go with a Fiio E7/17 (just a bit more, but most likely worth the $10-60 more). Don't forget something like a L9 LOD too for the sound. IIRC the E7/17 has an EQ too (although I don't recommend using it, as others say not to use EQs on portable amps to make up for your gear's "faults") as well as a "dock" for a desktop amp, the E9K.

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Since my source will be my iPod will the DAC make a noticeable difference compared to the E11?

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It is a portable amp, and since I'm just getting into audio, I wouldn't really hear the difference between the DAC of the iPod and the DAC of another platform, but others on this forum curse the iPod's DAC.

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You can't bypass your ipod's DAC anyways (not without spending significantly more $$ at least) so you are correct that you should just go with a pure amp in your scenario.  I have owned both of these cans and while I much prefer my current setup that is the Pro700MK2's I realize that that choice would not be correct for everyone.  I will gladly help you out if you can provide a little more information on what you are looking for and what your budget constraint is.


The funny thing is the m50's benefit much less from an amp than the MK2's would but I know that the reason you are thinking about going m50+amp vs Pro700MK2's is pricing.  I think that overall you will be happier with M50+amp than you would with an unamped set of Pro700Mk2's, but it depends on what you are looking for.  The MK2's will be a better long-term investment (only if you are a basshead) but you will want to plan on changing the pads, and probably getting an amp for them also.




Neither of these cans have a very large soundstage but I find the Pro700Mk2's to be slightly better in that regard once you change the pads to move them a little further away from your ear.  I listen to the same types of music fairly regularly and I really enjoy the punch on my MK2's have over the m50's.  However, if you never plan to buy an amp for them then you will likely find that the m50's + e11 will sound far better.

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I took into account what you guys said and I think that the M50 with the amp would be what is best for my needs! :D Thank you guys for the help :)

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