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For Sale: Etymotic ER4S -- Great Condition!

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For Sale:
Etymotic ER4S -- Great Condition!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey! I'm selling my ER4S, I have the original case as well as 2 pairs of unused tri flange tips, and 4 extra filters, along with the filter changing tool. I'll ship them with my current tri flanges on as well, you can choose to discard those or clean them depending how much germs bother you :P  The small etymotic zipper pouch will be included as well. These have a couple hundred hours of burn in I would guess. No issues with the build quality or signs that they will break anytime soon.


I put $175 because I'm not sure what these go for, I saw the ER4P on Amazon for $237, thought this was a  good guess. PM me!

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PM sent.

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Look at the picture on the manual.  See that the cords are twisted and the color is solid black instead of red/blue?  Etymotic hasn't made the red/blue ones in 8 years.  They changed to all-black with twisted cables.  How did a modern-version manual get into a 8yo sealed NOS(?) box??  These are fake!!!  I just got a pair of these off of eBay and noticed that they're fake.  Novacav, shame on you for trying to dump them off on another headfier!



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Sigh. I don't know what else to say other than you're wrong, koax. I just sold these to Head-fi user "basketball," I'm sure that he can vouch for how great they sound once he receives them.

Also, the manual is in black and white, so of course you can't see the red and blue :/

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I'm listening to the counterfeit pair right now, and they _do_ sound fairly good.


Spot the counterfeit:

* there is no L and R symbol in the circles on the earpieces.

* the cable is not twisted, it's straight and shiny

* the mushroom-shaped tips are deformed and poorly molded

* gluey fingerprints on the body of the earpieces

* should be solid black instead of red and blue (which haven't been manufactured in 8 years)

* the manual from 2012 doesn't match the headphones from 2004 (or whenever they switched over)


Novacav, when did you buy these?

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I bought them in 2010 on Amazon, brand new. It was sold by Amazon LLC, not a private seller. Here's proof. The manual says copyright 2009.





Is it possible/common for Amazon to have fakes?

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Novacav, please edit that first picture. You're either publishing your own address or some one else's and I would sincerely advise against doing either. Koax has nothing to do with the transaction so if any problems come up he/she isn't the person you need to justify anything to. As far as I know, there are no ety fakes around. I am no expert on IEMs so maybe I'm wrong...still I do avise you to take down the address or EDIT it out for the sake of privacy.


P.S. I am not saying Koax's point doesn't count or anything like that, just pointing out that even if something arises the person you'll need to resolve this issue with is your buyer alone.

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Thanks for pointing that out CosaNostra, in my hurry to upload those pics I didn't blur out the address. Good call, edited. I've been working it out with the person I sold it to via private messages, I just wanted to make it clear that it is unlikely these are fake unless Amazon is selling fakes.


Sorry all.

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I'm writing Etymotic about the timelines of their product updates and such, and will let ya'll know what I find out.  (here)

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Okay, deal fell through with basketball, if anyone is still interested please PM me! You can feel confident they are real based on the above proof. I would also like to note that if you google "fake er4s," this thread is the first search result. Which suggests to me that fake ER4s are not very common or non existent.


Thanks guys.


Edit: Just saw your post koax, sounds good

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If I m not wrong, etymotic was still selling the old version of er4s (the blue and red edition) around last year, via the official website.

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^^ Thank you. Also, sold!

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Hey folks - the last sale fell through as well and I never got around to re opening the listing until now. These are still available and still sound lovely! PM me.

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