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Looking for IEMs

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Hello people. I've been looking to buy some good in ear pieces for quite some time. I use some really cheap earphones right now, and I'd really like to have something that sounds at least decent.

I don't know much, if anything, about IEMs or earphones, so I'd like some advise on that matter.

I don't really want to spend a lot of money($50 tops or so), I will also be using them on my way to work/college where there's quite a lot of background noise, specially when using the trains/metro/subway, or w.e you like to call them. I listen, mostly, electronic music, and rock, maybe some reggae sometimes.

I currently use some ATH-AD700, but I mostly use them for gaming, and I can't really go with those outside, thats why I'm looking for something a bit... smaller.

Any tips/advise is appreciated. Sorry if I left some information out.


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For within your price range check Fischer Audio stuff

This people have vast array of earphones for all tastes and prices.

The cost/performance ratio is quite good. I personally only have heard the top of the line DBA02 but there are reviews on headfi for their mid level models or even entry level (40- 60US price range)

most popular are Aleph, Enigma, Paradigm, Silver Bullet. Red Stripe, sigma, Consonance etc..

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Crazy good deal. Amazon has them for 150 right now. They are a balanced armature design, can't believe you can get them this cheep!!

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How about the BRAINWAVZ?
Which one of those would you guys recommend? I've seen ppl talking about those in other forums too, and it got me wondering if they were good enough, specially since they're not expensive and they have em on mp4nation.

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Could i get some more reccomendations as well?

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try the beyerdynamic XP series, my top recommendation over everything!!

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