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I am hoping to use my Nexus7 as a way to browse my network music and pipe it to an external DAC and Amp.


Having read through this thread I am a bit confused as to what the general consensus is...


1) Are the instructions in the 1st post up to date?

2) Which Kernel and ROM are the ONEs to use?

3) Is charging and USB output at the same time possible? Any particular OTG cable for this?



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I'm using Timur's kernel which is for USB output with a stock ROM and it's brilliant. I'm currently using this DAC from Maplin in the UK which satisfies me very well: 




It works via headphone out and RCA out to an amp. The fiio's can charge while plugged into the Nexus too.



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Do you guys think that a Fiio D03K would work with the Nexus7? I would splice the power wire out of the usb cable and connect it to a usb charger.

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Would there be any way of this working with the Audioengine D1 (USB powered) ?

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I have a Nexus 7 on 4.2.2 with the Faux 123-grouper-422 Kernel and CyanogenMod Version 10.1-20130422-Nightly-grouper


I tried the Nexus 7 > USB OTG >JDS Labs O2 DAC/AMP > headphones and it did not work. I also tried it with the USB Audio Recorder Pro App and it did not work. The app did not even recognize any USB devices. 


I installed the Faux 123 because it is allegedly the overall "best" one out there right now but does not work for USB audio. Not sure if anyone else has the Faux Kernal working on the Nexus 7. 


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


Next step is finding a kernal that does work but then again it could be the DAC/AMP not working with this set-up. 


I should receive my Pico Upsampling DAC today or tomorrow and will wait to try it with that before I put a new kernel on it. 

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Ok so I just received my Apex Glacier and the above mentioned set up I have on my Nexus 7 is working via the USB digital out > USB OTG cable > USB to mini to the DAC in of the Apex Glacier. So I get to keep the Faux 123 kernel, YES!!


Wow does it sound lush. Listening to MOG and with some Denon AH-D2000. I had no idea that something could sound so good, so glad I found this site.

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Just contributing my setup for anyone else trying to get a working combination of a Nexus 7 and a USB DAC:


ROM/kernel: USB ROM http://mehrvarz.github.io/nexus-7-usbrom/ (can also use the standalone kernel with other ROMS I think: http://mehrvarz.github.io/usb-host-mode-power-management-nexus7/)


Using a OTG Y-cable: http://www.ebay.com/itm/130904384121 so I can hook up a power source (wall adapter or a portable battery pack)


I've tested 3 portable DACs so far:


The Fiio E17 and ODAC (standalone DAC, no amp) bought from JDS Labs works and I can get output. Both are hot-swappable; ie, I can unplug it and plug it back in and it will work without a reboot. Note: I had to hook up an external power supply to my OTG Y-cable for the ODAC to be recognized. 



The Schiit Modi does NOT work with this setup, although it is recognized by the Nexus 7 it has no output. I have an Audioengine D1 on order that I will test when it arrives. 

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I am using an ODAC with the USB kernel and it works just great.

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I managed to get USB audio working with M-Kernel.  USB OTG > USB to USB mini cable > E17.  All you have to do is hook it up with the E17 powered on before you power on the Nexus 7.


Link for M-Kernel: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2168787&highlight=usb+audio

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Hi folks. Does anyone know if this will work with the Peachtree Nova's built in USB DAC (ESS 9006)? Thanks.

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Check out the app "USB Audio Recorder Pro". While it doesn't support MP3s yet, I can play FLACs to my uDAC with no rooting/unlocking at all. The UI isn't as pretty as most other music playing apps, but it works flawlessly for me.
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Can anyone using a USB-powered DAC with the nexus comment on how it's working. Are there any noise/sq/other problems when the nexus is powering the DAC?
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I have had 0 problems/noise with mine, with the Nuforce uDAC. It does drain the battery on the N7 faster though. But that should be expected.
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Any news on this working on the 2013 Nexus 7?

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Has anyone tested this with a Cambridge dacmagic+? Would be awesome! And would you get different audio quality from a pc or tablet?

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