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24 bit 96khz FLAC conversions

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Hello. I have some big flac files that are 24 bit 96khz. I am trying to get it split into separate tracks and then converted to ALAC from cue sheets. I have read many threads and tried a couple of programs. 


I usually use Burrrrn to read the .cue and write to disc and then upload the CD in iTunes as ALAC. Tedious, time consuming, and inefficient. I cannot do this with 24bit 96khz audio as it will not burn to a cd, and Burrrrn does not burn to DVD's.


1. Bigasoft FLAC splitter and audio converter... no luck


2. Cuetools... it split the files but the filenames were too long so the titles are useless.


I can't remember, but I did try another program too.


Basically, I want to convert to ALAC and remain 24bit 96 kHz. Is there a program that makes this process painless and one step?


Please help me...



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On Mac you can use XLD and Max. On Windows i think EAC should do the trick.
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EAC on windows will not work for me. I have a Mac as well and will try XLD and Max.


THX Mr Scratch

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MrScratch. I give you one thousand thanks.


XLD worked like a charm. Had I not spent 2 hours yesterday looking through Google and the junk pile results and just spent the time to ask here... well then, I would have saved 2 hours. Your answer came within 5 minutes of my question.

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Cue-Splitter to chop it up... Never had a problem splitting up files with this.



dbPoweramp Converter and convert the FLAC's right to ALAC's

http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm (21 day full functionality Reference trial but worth every penny, once you start using it.)


All the free plugins for many many formats...




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Forgot to mention... it is open source freeware. Just juicy!!!

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XLD is by far the best freeware tool That I have had the privelage to use.
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