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W3000anv amp recommendation?

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Hello everyone , this is my first thread here, i get a chance to acquire this lovely headphone at a good price from my friend ,huge improvement from my old pairs. However, i realized that i should upgrade my system and get a proper headphones amp/dac to go with this headphones. Any recommendations here? i prefer smaller footprint desktop dac/amp combo as i have pretty limited spaces but i'm more than happy to hear any advice here. 

ps*. I already make this question in Hi-end forum's thread of W3000anv, however, the thread got locked before i get my answer, so i hope that this forum can give me some waypoint!,also, 
sorry for my horrible English, Thank you everyone!

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were there amp recco's in the 3000 thread?

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I've listened to mine on the $150 JDS labs Objective2, the $500 Schiit Lyr, the $799 Burson 160, and the $1295 Bryston BHA-1. All sounded great with the W3000anv. The headphones are easy to drive and to my ears pair pretty well with different amps. My very subjective opinion is they sound best on the Bryston, followed by the Burson, the O2, then the Lyr. The Bryston has it all - detail plus an additional fullness the to sound. The Burson added a little bass to the sound. If all you listened to was the O2 and didn't compare to anything else I think you would be pleased. It's just a matter of budget and taste. Enjoy them.
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Thank you for both reply!, i'm wading through that thread for a while but it takes pretty long to find any more options, i probably go and try them out first ,thank you!

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Anyone know if these phones go well with the trafomatic experience head one?

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If i had to start from scratch i would get the Violectric matching pair of V200 amp and V800 dac.  I have the v200 and it is a very good all around amp with detail and warmth.  Not as transparent as my higher end amp but smaller, utilitarian and cheaper.  Also it will drive a wide range of headphones.

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From the Hong Kong forums they said that it should only be paired with Japanese amps, especially the HA5000anv, which apparently sounds the best.


I am looking for a cheap amp myself, and got recommended the Luxman P200.

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I've heard the Svetlana and Zana Deux Amps are a great pairing with the W3000s.

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W3000anv is easy to drive, i'm now currently using Rudistor RPX35 to drive and i really enjoy it.

i haven't tried it on the O2, but i have tried HA5000 which some people appreciate but i don't....

i might love the sound several years ago when i was young, but now i enjoy the sound that more relaxed and more natural which usually occurs on the European amps.

well, in fact W3000 and some Japanese amps such as Audio-technica's and Luxman's are great combosmile.gif

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The W3000's sound exquisite with the EAR HP4 equipped with NOS RCA 6SL7's. Pretty sweet as well with the Leben CS-600 using NOS RCA 6L6GC Black Plates, NOS Sylvania 6CS7 Black Plates and an NOS Sylvania 6CJ3 Damper Tube, although there is a soft hum noticeable when music is not playing, even when using these low impedance headphones. Expecting to hear them paired up with a Dr. Rudi RP-8.1 with vintage Amperex, Philips or Mullards in the near future.

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I did a search but didn't turn up much; has anyone paired the W3000ANV's with the Trafo Head One?


Thanks in advance,



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Some users seems to like the Combination of the W3000 + Soloist

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I am using the Svetlana 2. Far from popular but surely boutique for those who look beyond the usual suspects.

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Just received my w3000anv's yesterday, so they are still burning in, but I already love them!

Sound good with the Trafomatic, but I would really like to find an Eddie Current 2A3 (version that allows 45's to be used also) and try them with that amp!
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Skylab absolutely love them with Leben CS300, almost sounds like bettering his lcd3 and Leben biggrin.gif
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