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I just created a new thread for our July 16 meet up:


Let's move the conversation over there. I am hesitant publicly state what we will all be bringing, just in case a Cavalli Audio device (gosh, I wish) shows up at the meet. :-)



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Looks like that July 16th meet was a lot of fun — I'll be headed to the Houston area for school soon, if there are any meets during the academic year I'd be real excited. Also, are there any shops in the area that are worth a visit?

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There might be another one in a few weeks, though the last time I heard this was a few minutes before we all left. PM FailedEngineer about it. Also, the Galleria mall is always a great place to visit, just plan to visit different sections of the mall on different days, as it is still growing.
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Thank, pbui44! Hope to see y'all at a meetup in the not-so-distant future... don't have a lot to bring to the table, but I'll bring what I've got :D

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