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That would be good.


Oh, well.

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Well, I will try this again and see if there is any interest.


My wife will be taking our kids and herself for her their annual summer trip to be with grandparents, and this time will be going for over 3 weeks (end of Jul - mid-late August).  It would be a perfect time for me to host a Head-Fi mini meet.  I live in Sugar Land and would have plenty of space to accommodate several peoples gear.  And everything in my profile would also be around, of course.


PM me or reply to the thread and I will gauge interest.

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PMed. smily_headphones1.gif
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I am completely interested as well. I am in the Memorial area. Would prefer a weekday or weekday evening, as weekends are usually filled with activities with the family. I could do a Saturday if that's the consensus, though.

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I PMed a few other people about this as well. A new thread for this meet will have to come eventually.
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I am interested - I live in the Sugar Land area. I don't have a ton of gear, but would love to share what I have and get together and talk.
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I am in the Memorial area and I can bring:



Westone 4R with custom Double Helix cable

Centrance HiFi M8

A&K AK100

ALO International


I am more into portable audio, given that I travel much for my living. I am eyeing a Benchmark DAC-2 with an ALO Studio Six as a potential home setup, but with young kids around I am afraid of damage.

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I am interested in the meet. I have a Burson HA 160D as an amp/dac with a fully modded Hifiman HE-500 (jergpads and custom grill mod). Theres also my baby, the LA-7000 Lite (no custom cable) that I can bring as well. I would love to audition some new amps primarily :-)
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It looks like we might have enough people for a meet soon! :D

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woohoo! I have an office off of I-10 where we can meet, but it will need to be an evening during the week, as weekends are difficult for me to pull off.


How does Wednesday, July 16 sound? We can do more than one meeting, but I am just throwing my hat into the ring. Please send me a PM and I can give you the address. I am in the Memorial area off of I-10. Please include your email address and equipment you can bring. I will then circulate amongst all those who have shown an interest. I am ok if only 2 or 3 of us meet up, as it's better than nothing.

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I might be able to attend a meet.  Right now I have a Questyle CMA800R, yulong DA8 I could possibly bring.  Also have a SuSy Dynahi but its really large to lug around (and is still getting fixed).  Also have a Yulong A18/D18 combo but may sell it by then.  Would be interested in hearing some amps.  GSX MK2 or DNA stratus would be my wish. 

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Wednesday sounds perfect as its a day thats easy for me to request off. Im really lookinv forward to hearing some of the gear.
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I'm in for July 16th.  I can bring any of my gear in my profile but probably not all of it.


I will follow up with a meet at my home the last week of July or early August sometime.

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I'm in Austin... 5 hours of driving in one day is probably a bit much for me, but I might be able to come anyways. This post will keep my subbed, at least as a reminder.

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Hey everybody. Sorry for the silence, as I have been on a business trip for the past 10 days. I am back in the land of the internet and am heading home tomorrow. So far it looks like we have 3 people plus myself who are interested in July 16. I can start as early as 4pm.

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