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Heir Audio Sources

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I appreciate all the hard work in writing reviews/photographings iems. Especially kunlun and project86. Thanks for your time + words! Many others that I have not named as well...


Anyways, I have 8.a's on the way. They will be my first quality pair of iems and I was wondering about grabbing a dac for home listening.


What is "good enough"? I'm not looking to drop a grand on a dac/amp. As I understand it, I want a relatively flat dac/amp to pair with the 8.a's and their warm sound.


All my source files are FLAC/ALAC. 


I am fully prepared to be blown away regardless of source biggrin.gif I believe kunlun mentioning that most portable players should be "good enough".


Thanks for the help


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I have a 4.A on the way and I'd love for someone to chime in too.


I'm looking at the Centrance Dacport. 


Any help is much appreciated.

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I do not have one but I have heard really good things about the Leckerton UHA.6S MKII

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