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ACS T1 Live question

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Hi Folks

I already have the T2 monitors (several years now) and love them. However, I'm finding them so isolating that I'm taking one out completely when I'm on stage. Have heard that ACS now have the "Live" versions with the sub-miniature microphones in them but have been told by one of the reps for ACS that the mixer unit is not available.

This seems odd, because there are musicians all over the web saying how great these "Live" T1s are.

Does anyone really know whether the mixer is available and, if it is, how good the Live feature really is? I'd hate to spend another £600 and find they are no better than the ones I've already bought.

Any help sincerely appreciated.

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I'd hold fire on the Live! Versions mate. The mixer is definitely not ready yet, plus the actual monitors seem to be experiencing teething problems. I've just received my T1 Lives back for the 3rd time and they still aren't working correctly! I'm now sending them back to be replaced by ordinary T1's for one last try before a full refund is in order.
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