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Cheap DAC with Ethernet Input? Lan vs USB

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Does anyone of you know a cheap DAC with an Ethernet input?
In fact, I needed two inputs: 1 digital for CD, 1 LAN for PC.

Are there differences between the quality of the signal via USB and through LAN?

How looks problem with jitter via Ethernet?
Why only expensive devices offer Ethernet input?

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eithernet input?  I'm assuming you're not talking about an i2s connection.  I'm guessing what you're really looking for is a network player/network bridge and not specifically a DAC?

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Originally Posted by Roseval View Post

Maybe this link is of use: http://www.audiostream.com/content/unicorns-networked-dacs




Not cheap though.

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There are solutions like EtherSound and CobraNet



Don't think the OP has this in mind.

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Yes, you have right.
I'm looking for network streamer, with usability such as devices like Linn MAJIK DS, Pioneer N-50, CA Stream Magic6 , which can streaming music via Cat-5e cable.

But I'm looking for cheaper solutions (for example without LCD screens).

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I'm curious to hear the opinion about of the differences in sound quality when music is streamed directly from a PC via USB or Ethernet.

The USB transmision can add audible jitter. The same effect occurs in Ethernet streaming?

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It depends on the implementation. Both can achieve transparency with jitter being far below what is audible. Most professional gear has firewire and increasingly USB connectivity.

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Not completely what you're looking for but a solid audiophile player that doesn't do anything but play music (from a hard drive, or a specific NAS or...) and has a ethernet port is the pk90 and pk100.  Use your phone or ipad or computer as a screen so the player doesn't do ANYTHING but play music.  The 100 has a simple DAC in it that's supposed to sound pretty good and a BNC/COAX out but the 90 is only usb out.

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Marantz NA7004 will do what you want it to do, and is $800.  Is that more in your price range?

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