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Why hello there ;P


So basically i need a new pair of headphones. I have head several earbuds in the $50-$90 range but they have all quit working in one earbud within 4 weeks of me buying them. None of them in this price range seem very well made and I have been wanting a full size set of headphones for a while so i'm going to buy a nice pair now. I need your help and recommendations because i'm not an audiophile and I don''t know much about headphones in general. Last pair I had was the Soul SL49 and the thing I liked about them is that the music clarity seemed good (at least to me). I felt like i was right there next to the artist. I also liked the bass they had, it was decent but it didn't overpower other songs without much bass. So I don't want so much bass that my other music (rock and country for example) doesn't sound wrong or different. Don't get me wrong I love heavy bass but I also like other genres too and I don't want the bass to mess that up.


Genres I listen to:

Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Christian, Alternative, Metal


- I would like to stay at or under $250 USD.

- Ideally a good looking pair of headphones.

- Somewhat portable but not a huge deal (if it is thats great if not oh well)

- CANNOT leak sound!



So i'm looking for a set of headphones that works well with all of this and I don't know what to buy.....uhh help?

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