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Help Picking Out New DJ Cans (~$150)

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Hey all-


I am looking to get a new set of cans for DJing. I DJ old school hip hop, funk and soul, and a tiny bit of electronica. For background:

  • I previously had HD-25-II's. I had no complaints, but I wouldn't have minded slightly more bass on the low-end, I thought highs could be a tiny bit thin/shrilly on some songs, and I am hoping to find something circumaural for this purchase. I also own a pair of K81DJ's which are decent but nowhere near the quality of the Senns imo, and extremely uncomfortable after more than an hour of listening.


In my quest thus far, I have listened to and am still considering:

  • KRK KNS-8400 --- very flat, detailed, and accurate, good separation of sounds, but lacking a bit in the low end for my purposes.
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 --- imo, almost perfect sound for DJ use (flat w/ a slight low end emphasis), but extremely bulky, no swivel on cups, and feel like you are wearing a neckbrace if you try to put them around your neck.
  • Sennheiser HD280 --- very flat, boringly flat, awesome isolation, but lacking in bass
  • AIAIAI TMA-1 --- pretty good sound, good isolation, but a bit heavy on the bass and not sure the pricetag is justified


Headphones I am currently considering (crossed out ones are models I was considering, but eliminated for one reason or another)

  • Audio Technica ATH-M50 --- Concerned w/ comfort, whether the M50 is even in the same league as my other choices, and if it is still the value it used to be (I can purchase almost any of these other headphones w/in about $30 of the M50 price, so it doesn't seem like it quite qualifies as a budget can like it may have a few years ago)
  • Ultrasone HFI-580 / DJ1 --- These are prob the cans I am most considering at this point
  • Ultrasone HFI-550 / DJ1 Pro --- Also very interested in these. Not really sure the highlights/lowlights b/w these guys and their cheaper sibling
  • AKG K270 MKII --- Interested in these, but pretty sure they aren't my best option for my intended use.
  • V-modo Crossfade --- a little to funky looking for me, and unsure of SQ



Not interested in Shures as they look fragile to me, and am looking for something a bit more fun than Sony 7506/V6, etc.


So.... what am I missing here that I need to consider? What are the major differences in sound signature b/w the Ultrasone HFI-580 / DJ1 and the Ultrasone HFI-550 / DJ1 Pro? 


All responses appreciated! L3000.gif

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Vmoda LP2?


Very best,

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V-Moda LP2. The sound was essentially designed for DJs.

It's a shame you don't like the looks, though.

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Could you explain a bit "the sound was essentially designed for DJs"? Any links you could offer?


Also, how big of a difference is there b/w the sound of the LP and LP2 (and is it a good or bad thing)? I only ask b/c I am on a budget and it seems like there is a bout and $80 spread b/w the LP's ($110-120) and the LP2's ($200) 

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Technics rpdh-1200's. Mine served me faithfully for 6+ years! And dont buy sony's for the love of jesus.

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