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For Sale: RWA 128gb SSD Super iMod 5.5g *Rockbox*

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
RWA 128gb SSD Super iMod 5.5g *Rockbox*

Will Ship To: Anywhere

*EDIT* Sold Pico AMP/DAC...

*EDIT* Sold iMod L.O.D. V2 Copper Lux-FEP 18


Hey guys,


For sale is whats left of my portable rig which consists of :

 - *Rockboxed* 128gb SSD iMod 5.5Gen in good condition by Red Wine Audio & ALO

 -  New USB iPod cable

 -  Dual USB Universal Charger (AUS wall socket)

 -  3 Black ALO audio Amp straps


I have no use for the components separately so I'd sell them all together.

Its an awesome rig and has served me very well, always carefully looked after and sounds phenomenal.


Here are a few links for the components :


iMod :


Rockbox Firmware :



I use Paypal. Free Shipping Inside Australia




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how much is this in USD or Euro?


I am new at this, what is Rockboxed?

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Hey rablakli,

These links will give you up-to-date exchange rates

Also Rockbox is a well known alternate operating system for audio devices which allows

greater tuning of equalizer settings and more playback support for different file types i.e. : FLAC etc

Which is very handy, also it allows you to manage the media on the iMod like a flash drive - iTunes is only optional! bigsmile_face.gif

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Sigh killer rig... Slaughtered my wallet...


Drop me a message if you are willing to sell separately, only interested in your ipod, but still doubt I'll have the cash lol.

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Do you have a link to the SSD? Does it get better battery life than the typical HDD based ones?

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Hey Stevenswall, I haven't got all the info on the ssd drive as I didn't mod it myself. I believe the details for the ssd are correct in Freeze's thread :

As for battery life, I haven't measured it but booted into the standard firmware it would have to last longer, as ssd's have no moving parts and are typically much more efficient than mechanical hdd's.
Though by how much longer I'm not sure.
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Just interested in the iMod cable. Don't know if you are willing to just sell the cable. :)

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Hey mate, sorry about the late reply! I've been away. Sure, I'd sell the cable for $70 if your interested.

*edit* Cable Sold
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I am interested in your imod. If you want change your price, pm

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