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Best inears for 15 $

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My Music; basically Progressive House,Trance and Dubstep

I have beening owning skullcandy skullcrushers for a year and i recently decided on to buy a pair of in ear earphones as i can't take the crushers everywhere.I have been aiming to buy them at a price limit of 15$.i scrolled through lot of posts and reveiws and had these 3 up my mind .

1.Philips SHE3580/SHE3570/SHE3590  (Rank 163#,147#,unranked)

(I Read a lot saying all the 3 r the same with different color pattern and design)


Frequency :12-23500Hz

Power Handling Capacity :50mW



Cord Length:3.94ft


2.Panasonic RP HJE--355 (Rank 139#)



Power Handling Capacity :200mW



Driver Size:10.7mm

Cord Length:3.94ft


3.Sony MDREX-10lp (Rank 109#)



Power Handling Capacity :100mW



Driver Size:9mm

Cord Length:3.94ft


i went through the forums ranking list as well as each review posted by the members here. According to the ranking list the Sony MDREX-10lp are better than the other 2 but i experienced through the reviews that the Philips SHE3580 were better than the Panasonic RP HJE-355 which seemed better than the Sony MDREX-10lp.

So this confuses me !!!! i need someone who reviews all the 3 and lets me know !!!

Other option will be welcomed.

But i would prefer them to be from the following brands due availability :Sony,Philips,Skullcandy,Panasonic

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Wrong forum but... How much difference can there be between ANYTHING at $15? I'd just be glad if sound came out of them.

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If somthing clip-on rather than inear would work, the Koss KSC-75 is by far the best sounding headphone I have heard that is priced that low....
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Buy she3580, better than sony or monoprice 8320.
That danking doesnt mean anything, disregard it.
Xkdun ck-700 or 820 is great too for under 7 bucks.
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If it must be something inear, I would look into the AKG k311 (ear buds, not isolating). I have not personally heard them, so take this with a grain of salt, but they look interesting, and come in at $13.
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Originally Posted by machoboy View Post

Wrong forum but... How much difference can there be between ANYTHING at $15? I'd just be glad if sound came out of them.

U would be glad if u actually put them on .They are too good for their price.And this is not my own opinion but the forum do state that.

i made this thread as their's no straight comparison between the 3 and their r not featured in the list posted by |joker| .Else i wouldn't have cared to type all that stuff !

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Sorry for error in the forum tongue.gif kind of new to this site .anyways will post it in the in ears forum too i guess :\

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If you have the skullcrushers then you probably like a lot of bass. Try the JVC HAFX101. $15 on amazon and great bassy IEMs with a really fun sound. They need about 50 hours burn-in though before the bass settles and the highs tame a bit. There are also a few different colors to choose from if that matters

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I wonder if anyone has made a thread for in ears under $5
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Monoprice 8320.


End thread.


However I believe you should consider saving up a little more money, as many better in-ears can be had.

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make a thread about 3580 vs 8320 plzzbiggrin.gif

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