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Kukuk the enemy know if you have the crosshair on them. Don´t aim by the sight at a crouched enemy and he will pop up much sooner.

As for loot I found the best in the main story generally except for the arenas. But this much depend on what level you do them at I suspect. On the main quest you are guaranteed these rare items at least.

Speaking of that I find the 5 % chance for rare drops artifact annoying. It means I have to use it just about always while it doesn´t make me stronger. I did now find an artifact that increased the xp points for killing enemies that I may want to change it for to level up faster :)


True vault mode is quite challenging at the moment. When you get these super badass one level above you really have to find a place where you can exploit the AI turret or not :p

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Yeah, TVHM introduces more armored enemies with harder to hit crit points, and more badass and above enemies in general, so making sure you update your weaponry is very important, as well as exploiting weakness with the various elements (always have a corrosive weapon with decent damage to deal with loaders).  Definitely used cover more often with my assassin, but the challenge has made it more fun. 


Only enemies I have had trouble with as an assassin have been armored/super badass maniacs (much harder to kill now), multiple rabid/poison stalkers (they move so damn fast, can't target well) and super badass loaders (kept getting caught without cover when they popped out in Opportunity).  I'm lvl 50 now with the final story mission at the Eridium Blight part.  Hope to finish it soon. 

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Holy Hell!


Add-on Campaign DLC 1: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Announced and coming NEXT TUESDAY!!!




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Bump. It's here!


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Loving the game so far! Playing Co-op with a friend who I played the whole first game through with and its superb. Much more evolution than revolution but I don't think anyone expected (nor probably wanted) a completely different game. Just finished our second playthrough on TVHM and about to start DLC1 in 2.5 mode.

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Haven't been this addicted to a game in a LONG time, loved the first one and this one is even better!

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Really wish the non-lan co-op wasn't broken to hell. No matter who hosts the leech gets crippling lag.

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Originally Posted by WhiteCrow View Post

Really wish the non-lan co-op wasn't broken to hell. No matter who hosts the leech gets crippling lag.

Probably a lot of players with poor wireless connections hosting. I'm always strictly wired-only and would say about 75% of my public games where I am not the host there is no noticeable lag. One of my best friends however has a poor wireless connection and I hate to say it but, I can't stand to play with him; rubber-banding like you wouldn't believe it.


I do play 99% of my multiplayer local-LAN with my wife, which works flawlessly. It's a shame too that many multiplayer games these days don't even offer local-LAN. So thanks Gearbox for that.


Oh and by the way: SHiFT Codes are active right now:




360: WTCTJ-J9CK6-JRR36-W6J3B-BT96W

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More keys coming up:


Borderlands 2 Golden Keys Incoming
10.25.12 - Chris Faylor

This weekend, we'll be handing out SHiFT codes that can be redeemed for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2 on the Borderlands Facebook and Gearbox Software Twitter!

We'll be posting five sets of codes across 24 hours, specifically:

    Friday, October 26 - 6PM CT
    Friday, October 26 - 11PM CT
    Saturday, October 27 - 5AM CT
    Saturday, October 27 - 11AM CT
    Saturday, October 27 - 3PM CT

Each code will be active for three hours from its initial posting and will be usable once per account.

To learn more about SHiFT codes, Golden Keys and how to redeem them, visit support.gearboxsoftware.com


Source: bit.ly/R37GKQ

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still jealous. 

I would love to mod my PC into the chest :D 

Originally Posted by Riku540 View Post

Took a few pictures of my Ultimate Loot Chest on release day. I was too eager to play to take pictures of the rest.



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Pardon the bump, but I thought I should mention that Gearbox is giving out codes that give you 5 golden keys.








Also, I guess they'll be active for a few days.

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Thanks Kukuk. I haven't played in a while, since before Thanksgiving. Looks like I'll be checking out the latest DLC today.
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Holy crap! This is a thread! I had no idea!!!
I've been playing borderlands 2 for a little while now, earlier this year a friend brought over BL1, and we finished it. We're now working on number 2. Progress is slow though since he's now going to college in another city completely, and doesn't own an Xbox frown.gif
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Started playing this again. I remember I quit because I became overwhelmed by the thought of it getting much harder on the second playthrough, but honestly, it's not too bad. Opportunity is a bit of a drag. On any other forum I would refer to it as a cluster-something, but here I'll say simply that it's a mess. tongue.gif


I have been getting some pretty awersome stuff though. Most notably these two items:





Dat class mod. Between Sentry, Resourcefulness, the increased cooldown rate on this, and the increased cooldown rate on my crystal thing, I'm a walking turret-death-machine.

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^ Very nice.


Also, the Steam holiday sale has been extended to Jan. 7th as an encore. BL2 for $29.99, and 4-Pack for $89.99. Get it while you can.


And just a bit over a week until:


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