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Hifiman connectors

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Anyone know if the Hifiman headphone connectors are standard, perhaps a type "N" BNC or something like that?

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They're an SMC connector. Dreadful things. At least for use as headphone connectors.


You can get 'em from Peter at Double Helix Cables.





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Thanks! So I'm having a custom cable made. Have you seen what's inside the housing? Is there any mediocre wire that could be easily replaced? I won't try to bypass the connectors with my custom cable-- I'll still use them, but I might try to upgrade the internal wiring.

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I'm afraid I haven't seen the innards of any of the HiFiMAN headphones.



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Anyway, thanks for the link to the website. Looks like his SMC connectors may be an upgrade. It's curious that Hifiman actually supplied a pair of them with my HE-500, almost like they were expecting me to need them to make a custom cable.


I haven't listened much to the stock cable, but I can say one thing: the microphonics are terrible. All these grinding noises every time I shift.


The custom cable I have for my Audeze LCD-2 is covered in a Kevlar weave, which turns out to be quite non-microphonic.

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Yeah, I always thought it was nice that HiFiMAN included an extra pair of connectors with their headphones. Now if only they'd have chosen a better connector. biggrin.gif


By the way, the ones Peter sells are a bit better than the ones HiFiMAN supplies in that the nut is a bit longer so you can get a bit better grip on it with your fingers when attaching it to the headphones.



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